Allegra LaViola Gallery is pleased to present D on Gummer: Recent Works\, an exhibition of collage\, waterc olor and sculpture. The exhibition will be on view from Thursday\, May 2nd 2013 with an opening from 6-8pm that evening.


Known for his large-scale sculptural works\, this exhibition explores a different side of Gummer’s p rocess and pieces. The encaustic paintings represent images partially broug ht to the surface of recognition. Stripped of detail\, and waiting for full recollection\, the viewer must complete the pieces of the puzzle\, which a re both familiar and unrecognizable.


The collages are made from torn or cut paper painted in four or five different values of grey. The size of the collage elements is limited to the area that encaustic paint can cover bef ore it becomes unworkable. These collage works stand on their own as well a s connecting the viewer to Gummer’s sculpture\, as the collages are also sc ulptural pieces.


The sculpture\, ranging in material from marble\, stain less steel and bronze are\, for the most part\, maquettes for larger sculpt ures that are concerned with a bottom up approach to building while definin g the transition from chaos to the magic of lyrical simplicity. As in Gumme r’s larger works\, the viewer is occasionally deceived by material and form : what appears to be solid is air\, what appears heavy is light and vice ve rsa. Gummer’s constant attention to the space and how his forms exist in it leads us to address our own surroundings with a sharper eye.

\n< p style="text-align: justify\;">Don Gum mer received his BFA and MFA from Yale University\, CT and has had nume rous solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally\, inclu ding at Sperone Westwater\, New York\, NY\; Salander O-Reilly Galleries\, N ew York\, NY\; Marlborough\, New York\, NY\; The Albright Knox Gallery\, Bu ffalo\, NY\; The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art\, CT\; Galeria d’Arte B enucci\, Rome\, Italy. He has received grants from The National Endowment f or the Arts and the American Academy in Rome and his work has been reviewed in Artforum\, The New York Times\, The Village Voice and Art in America. H e currently resides in New York City. This is his first solo exhibition wit h the gallery.

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