For his third solo show at Anton Kern Gallery\, UK-based art ist Richard Hughes has turned the gallery into a stage for a magic dance pe rformed by a street gang of enchanted lamp posts\, ice-cream-wafer-like gar den walls and broken memorial statues found in the most dilapidated and
dark corners of (British) suburbia. With his first artist monograph fresh ly published by JRP Ringier and two recent solo exhibitions at Tramway Art Space in Glasgow and Firstsite in Colchester\, England\, Hughes’ work is at the center of public attention.
Richard Hughes is known for his excep tional skill to turn ordinary\, sometimes slightly repulsive objects that m ight be found in a hovel of a rooming house or unceremoniously dumped by th e side of the road — bleak monuments to abused domestic or public spaces — into narrative sculptures. Their placement in a gallery space instantly inv ites questions as to its recent history\, use\, and function\, or imminent action.
Upon closer inspection\, all objects reveal themselves as cast s\, meticulously crafted replicas of every-day things injected with an elem ent of fantasy. The beauty within this ostensibly abandoned world lies in t he moment of surprise when materials reveal themselves as “fakes.” This is the moment when hidden images and cultural memories become visible and inte lligible\, when the vernacular becomes a universal language. Hughes’ sculpt ures are not ready-mades. As facsimiles of common objects it’s not the obje ct that is transformed but its reappropriated meaning and ability to reconf igure the object for the viewer.
Gradually\, these objects-turned-scul ptures reveal their inherent capacity to tell stories\, to evoke narratives that are charged with everyday-life experience and humor.
Richard Hug hes has had solo exhibitions at Tramway\, Glasgow (2012)\; Sculpture Court\ , Tate Britain (2006)\; The Showroom\, London (2004)\; and is currently pre sented at Firstsite\, Colchester\, UK\, in an exhibition entitled Time is o ver\, time has come. His work has been exhibited internationally\, includin g presentations at the François Pinault Collection\, Punta della Dogana\, V enice (2009)\; the Schirn Kunsthalle\, Frankfurt (2008)\; and the Museum Ab teiberg\, Mönchengladbach\, Germany (2006). Hughes was selected for the 55t h Carnegie International\, Carnegie Museum\, Pittsburgh (2008)\; the fourth Liverpool Biennial (2006)\, and the British Art Show 6 (2005). He was nomi nated for the Beck’s Futures award in 2006 and was the recipient of the EAS T International award in 2003.

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