At 4:30 pm\, Karen Levine\, Executive Edito r of Prestel Publishing\, will moderate a brief conversation about the best iary tradition and consider how artists and writers have collaborated on th is genre throughout history. Mark Doty will also give a re ading from the book.

A collaboration between contemporary pain ter Darren Waterston and award-winning poet Mark D oty\, this 21st-century bestiary is a spellbinding artistic medita tion on the mysteries and diversity of the animal kingdom.

Ori ginating in the Middle Ages\, bestiaries were illustrated volumes that desc ribed various animals—some real\, some mystical. The natural history and il lustration of each beast were usually accompanied by a moral lesson. In thi s beautifully illustrated book\, Darren Waterston and Mark Doty come together to breathe new life into the medieval genre. Waterston’s precise and haunting silhouettes depict species from ins ect to bird to mammal\, captured in motion as they hunt their prey\, build their nests\, or protect their young. Accompanying these illustrations are Doty’s poetic observations on the wonders of the animal world—its panoply o f sounds and shapes\, its dignity and its cruelty. Lovers of art\, animals\ , and poetry will delight in this elegant volume that captures nature’s exq uisite and terrible beauty.

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