In the contemporary era of large and expanding museums\, biennales\, col lector residences and corporate headquarters\, we have noticed the physical growth of art\, in size and proportions\, which is unprecedented. The form al experiments that underpinned abstract art\, from the post-war years forw ard became intertwined with scale. The artists in in-formal abstraction all believe that their art is not diminished on a more intimate scale . While large artworks encourage a distance\, a step or two back\, the work s included in this exhibition ask for an intimate examination\, an attentio n to the inherent details. Subverting the notion that bigger is better come s naturally\, as the intensity of each artwork speaks for itself.
Robert Janitz layers his painti ngs with oil\, encaustic\, and other materials bringing the painting's dens e surface to the fore of the visual interaction while Paolo Quintas' painti ngs involve layers of paint\, sanding\, sculptural elements and digging int o the surfaces\, resulting in gritty and industrial compositions.  The ubiq uitous BIC pen is Xiaowei Chen's preferred tool in a process that combines paint\, drawing and physical gouging\, the densely layered surfaces open up as a glimmer of her inner psyche.  Afrika's handmade enamel and steel tile s were initially displayed at the Russian Pavilion of Venice Biennale in 19 99\, all 3000 of them in a variety of motifs\, while in-formal abstract ion focuses on a key selection of the abstract works.  Abstract collag es by Mads Lynnerup are designed to encourage the viewer to pick up the wor k and remake it in their own way. Simone Leigh's amorphous sculptural forms will evoke new historical and subliminal associations.   

Even for viewers familiar with the arti sts' oeuvre in this exhibition\, the complete focus on the intimate scale w ill shed new light on the nuances and tactile properties of the works.       

Afrika (real name Sergei Bugaev) was born in Novorossiysk\, in the former USSR and lives in St. Petersburg. He has had solo exhibitions at the Museum Kup persmuhle Für Moderne Kunst\, Duisberg\, Germany (2008)\, State Tratyakov G allery\, The National Russian Museum of Fine Art\, Moscow (2005) and the Ru ssian Federation Pavilion\, 48th Venice Biennale (1999). His work has been included in group exhibitions at the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture \, Moscow (2010)\, Museum of Contemporary Art\, Taipei\, Taiwan (2006) and The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum\, New York (2005).

Xiaowei Chen was born in Beij ing\, China and currently lives in Boston\, Massachusetts. A solo exhibitio n of new works by the artist is on view March 15 - April 5\, 2013 at the Re search House for Asian Art\, Chicago. Other solo shows include TLGUTS Galle ry\, Lynn\, MA (2010)\, group exhibitions include Tufts University Art Gall ery\, Medford\, MA (2010) and Catsup Gallery\, Beijing\, China (2004).

Robert Janitz was born in Germany and currently lives in Brooklyn\, New York. His rec ent solo exhibitions have been at Shoot the Lobster\, New York City (2012) and CLEARING Brussels (2012). Notable group exhibitions include Canada\, Ne w York City (2010)\, Galerie Bernard Ceysson\, Luxembourg (2009) and Centre Régional d'Art Contemporain\, Montbéliard (2006).

Simone Leigh was born in Chica go and lives in Brooklyn\, NY.  Her recent solo exhibitions include The Kit chen\, New York City (2012)\, Sculpture Center\, Queens\, NY (2009). The re cent group shows include The Whitney Museum of American Art\, New York City  (2012)\, The Studio Museum in Harlem\, New York City (2011) and  The Andy Warhol Museum\, Pittsburg\, PA\, (2010).  Her grants and residencies includ e Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant for Painters and Sculptors (2011)\, The St udio Museum in Harlem Artist-in-Residence Program (2010-11) and Artist In R esidence\, Henry Street Settlement\, New York City (2006).

Mads Lynnerup was born in Copenhagen\, Denmark. He received a MFA from Columbia University\, New York\, and currently lives between San Francisco and NY. His recent solo sh ows include Laura Reynolds Gallery (2011) and John Michael Kohler Art Cente r\, Sheboygan\, Wisconsin (2010).  Recent group exhibition include Kunsthal len NIKOLAJ\, Copenhagen (2013) and ART BREAKS\, with MTV and MOMA PS1\, Cr eative Time\, New York (2012)

Paulo Quintas was born Ericeira and lives in Lisbo n\, Portugal.  His solo exhibitions include Galeria Pedro Cera\, Lisbon (20 11)\, Galeria Graça Brandão\, Porto\, Portugal (2009)\, Centro Difusor de A rte\, Lisbon (2003).  His group shows include Museu da Presidência da Repúb lica\, Lisbon (2009)\, Salon Européen des Jeunes Créateurs\, Montrouge\, Fr ance (2003) and Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves\, Porto\, Portugal (2002).

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