FOLEY is extremely pleased to present our first solo photography exhibition of Christa Parrav ani\, entitled Kindred. Parravani's portraits of herself and ident ical twin sister\, Cara play with the dichotomy of formal portraiture and e motional candidness. This haunting and surreal portrait series allowed Cara to regain a sense of lost power after a brutal sexual assault and for Chri sta\, to complete her MFA thesis at Columbia University.

Each photograph wrestles with her most intimate subject as well as the existenti al theme and experience being documented. Many inspired questions guide the selection and juxtaposition of these images. Clad in matching cloaks-a cos tume born out of necessity because Cara was too depressed to get out of her pajamas-Christa chose breathtaking backdrops to showcase their intimate re lationship.

Through images of herself and her sister standing hand-in-hand\, kissing\, or even positioned at different ends of the frame \, Christa conveyed their intertwining souls and unbreakable bond. After Ca ra's untimely death from a drug overdose\, Parrvani's photographs act as a meditation on the nature of identity and a means of catharsis- the account of being left\, one half of a whole\, and of her desperate\, ultimately tri umphant struggle for survival.


         "Kindred was never intended to eulogize my sister\, but the bond betwee n us that felt to me as if it were crumbling. At first after she'd died\, I couldn't help but view the images as her last testament\, and ours. Now I see that the meaning of the work exists somewhere between my young intent a nd the veracity of life."


Her: A Memoir will be published by MacMillian:Henry Holt and Company on Mar ch 5th\, 2013 to coincide with the exhibition of Kindred. Her: A Memoir  will be available at the gallery.  


Christa Parravani earned her MFA in Visual Art from Columbia University a nd an MFA in Creative Writing from Rutgers University. Her photographs have been exhibited internationally\, and is represented by FOLEY in New York C ity and the Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles.

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