Jenkins Johnson Gallery\, New York is pleased to present a s olo exhibition in the Project Room of works by Los Angeles contemporary art ist Vanessa Prager. This will be Prager’s first solo show with Jenkins John son Gallery in New York. There will be an opening reception on Thursday\, F ebruary 7 from 6 to 8 pm.
Influenced by classical painting\, drawing\, vintage photographs\, film\, and her love of animals\, self-taught artist Vanessa Prager presents us with beautifully rendered drawings produced usin g common blue and red ballpoint pens\, as well as ethereal paintings on can vas. Her work touches briefly on luminaries such as Balthus\, Rembrandt and Egon Schiele\, while remaining original and un-derivative. Prager is styli stically drawn to the “timeless quality” of the clothes and hairstyles of t he forties and fifties\, and her love for the past\, coupled with her attra ction to contemporary pop-culture and Americana\, is palpable and provides us with an entry point into her rich narrative.
Prager is fond of colo r\, which is omnipresent in both her canvas and works on paper. Through the high contrast application of her medium - the ballpoint pen onto blank mus ic paper or through the use of diaphanous layers of applied paint - Prager weaves the viewer into her work as a protagonist in a thriller plot. When p resenting figures\, Prager often bathes them in strong light with no appare nt direct source\, creating an ethereal\, dream-like nature to the work. Br oad areas of purposefully unfinished details and omitted features draw atte ntion to the piece while continuing the narrative. Akin to a skip on a reco rd player or an abrupt ending to a still-unfinished story\, Prager examines these omissions\, playing with their glaring obviousness\, investigating h ow the mind of the viewer fills in the gaps.
Her tendency to examine t hese open spaces can be seen in the recent drawing “Fired\,” depicted above \, a quintessential work from Prager’s oeuvre. She achieves a sense of ligh t and shadow through various pressures and cross-hatching that seems like i t should be impossible with a basic ballpoint pen\, and yet the figure take s on a personality that is quite developed.
Prager’s thought-provoking and technically astounding drawings and moodily vaporous paintings are a w indow into the world of Vanessa Prager that intrigues and leaves us wanting to see more.
Vanessa Prager has been exhibited at galleries in New Yo rk and the greater Los Angeles area. Museum exhibitions include Santa Monic a Museum of Art and upcoming\, the Museum of Contemporary Art\, Los Angeles . The artist has received much critical acclaim in national press including W Magazine\, Los Angeles Times\, LA Weekly\, Huffington Post\, Nylon\, amo ng others.

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