For twenty-five years\, The Children’s Museum of the Arts (C MA) has provided children of all backgrounds the creative tools needed to p romote self-expression and esteem through visual and performing arts. In ce lebration of our 25th anniversary\, CMA is proud to present Face to Fac e\, an exhibit that offers a fascinating exploration of self-identity through still\, moving and living portraits\, as portrayed by children usin g traditional methods of painting and drawing as well as technology.

\n< p>The main exhibit will consist of 40 portraits selected from CMA’s Permane nt Collection of
children’s art from over 50 countries\, dating back to the 1930’s. These pieces represent
a range of historical moments\, cultures and medium and will be hung salon style throughout the gallery.\n

To incorporate CMA’s philosophy of hands- on art-making\, the exhibit will be accompanied by a variety of interactive installations that examine the texture\, shape and sound of portraits. CMA will set up hands-on stations that will encourage visitors to become part of the exhibit\, including reimagined versions of a typical self-portrait s tation. The CMA Media Lab will also create a photo booth in which visitors can take photos that will be projected on the wall. These photos will strea m into a montage that will be accessioned into the collection and will also serve as a fascinating time-lapse of the exhibit as a whole.


F ace to Face also offers aspiring young artists the opportunity to subm it their own works for a chance to become part of the museum’s Permanent Co llection. CMA will accept 25 original original works\, in honor of 25 years of operation\, to be selected by the museum’s curatorial team. One selecte d piece will be chosen by an online viewer’s choice campaign\, hosted throu gh CMA’s website and social media platforms.


To explore dimension\, the exhibition will include a large-scale Pin Impression Board\, offering several panels for visitors to experiment with and view their face as artwo rk.


CMA will also present their first ever Artist-At-Work station i n the Fine Arts Studio. Here\, guest artists will volunteer their time and allow visitors to observe them in action as they create original portraits.

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