Paula Cooper Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of works by Carl Andre\, Jennifer Bartlett\, Bruce Conner\, Walter De Maria\, Mark di Suvero\, Dan Flavin\, Hans Haacke\, Donald Judd\, Sol LeWitt\, Joel Shapiro\, and Jackie Winsor. Originally conceived in collaboration with Ga lerie Patrick Seguin and presented in Paris in 2012\, this new exhibition f eatures different works by the artists from that show\, with whom the galle ry has had a relationship dating back to its earliest years.


The wo rks on view date from the 1960s and early 1970s. Among them a monumental me tal floor piece by Carl Andre\, a “location” wall drawing by Sol LeWitt\, a rare Donald Judd painting and a “condensation cube” by Hans Haacke. The ex hibition will also include a rarely seen silent loop installation by Bruce Conner\, LOOKING FOR MUSHROOMS (1959/65) composed of thousands of saturated single-frame images from an expedition through San Francisco and rural Mexico in search of magic mushrooms and transcendent illumination.


The Paula Cooper Gallery opened in 1968 with an exhibition to benefit the Student Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam\, working alo ngside Veterans Against the War. The exhibition featured Sol LeWitt’s first wall drawing\, and included works by Carl Andre\, Dan Flavin\, and Donald Judd\, all of whom are also represented here. That show is now widely recog nized as seminal in the development of a new generation of rigorous and cha llenging work. In the four decades since\, Paula Cooper has continued to wo rk with many of the leading practitioners of this generation\, and with lat er artists who have drawn from its legacy.

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