Nicole Klagsbrun is pleased to announce\, CREATION (megaplex )\, a solo exhibition
featuring two video installations by Marco Bramb illa\, on view from January 24 to
February 23\, 2013. A reception for the artist will be held on Thursday\, January 24\,
from 6:00 to 8:00 p m.
Drawing from an array of pop cultural sources in order to re-contex tualize century
old histories\, Brambilla's films continue to challeng e the standards of both art and
film. The third in a trilogy of 3D vid eos that started with Civilization (Megaplex)
(2008) and Evolution (Me gaplex) (2010)\, Creation (Megaplex) presents a spectacular
cinematic composition that culls from a vast archive of iconic Hollywood films. Setwithin the form of a giant DNA helix\, Brambilla takes the viewer on a spiraling
trajectory that begins with a big bang and continues through embryonic inception\,
idyllic\, Eden-like bliss and decadence. The el aborate succession finally culminates
in a state of super-saturation\, where structure implodes and interminably
re-invents itself to begin again as an erupting point in space. Digitally assembled
images genera te a hyper-realistic landscape of clouds\, meadows and burning
citysca pes\, against which humanity oscillates between a frenzied production andconsumption of its own creation. With each cycle of the work\, Brambill a’s video
engulfs the viewer in an overload of imagery almost impossib le to sustain.
Also on view\, installed on a single monitor is Brambil la’s video\, Atlantis (OV-104).
On March 8th\, 2012\, the artist and h is crew were granted access to document the
last day the space shuttle Atlantis was housed in the vehicle assembly building
(VAB) at the Joh n F. Kennedy Space Center before being decommissioned. Filmed
using an alogue video equipment from the 1980s\, Atlantis is a haunting portrait of< br />the once-proud marvel of technology in its very final stage of retirem ent. The
space shuttle forever grounded\, rests entombed in its cavern ous home\, seen in a
manner reminiscent of early space transmissions o r an underwater exploration of
the Titanic wreckage on the ocean floor .
Brambilla’s work has been exhibited extensively in institutions both in the United
States and abroad\, including the New Museum of Contemp orary Art\, New York\;
San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art\, San Fransi sco\; Santa Monica Museum of
Art\, Stana Monica\; Corcoran Gallery of Art\, Washington\, D.C.\; Kunsthalle Bern\,
Berne\; Alcalá 31\, Madrid . His 3D video installation\, Evolution (Megaplex) is
curently on view at the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum in East Lansing\, Michigan.
Br ambilla lives and works in New York\, New York and this is his first soloexhibition at Nicole Klagsbrun.

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