I don’t always write statements about my work\, but when I d o\, I prefer to start sentences with “As an artist.” As an artist\, it is t hrilling to go through customs and be asked what I do. Nothing else charges me with such agency then when the customs official asks me directly "what is your occupation?" I do not get insecure or try to prove myself by giving them a rundown of my CV. I just look at the agent and say "artist" in a wa y that only a real artist can\, with dignity and open-endedness.
We ar e used to hearing people described as being\, like an artist. Though I've y et to hear someone described as being an artist when it comes to time manag ement\, which\, might actually be what artists are best at. Phil Spector wa s like an artist the way he made his musicians play songs over and over and didn’t record anything until they were completely exhausted and ready to c all it a day\, only then would he hit record. Neil Young was also like an a rtist the way he had his engineers start recording even before he stepped i nto the studio\, because he knew that the first thing he did would be brill iant. I wonder if Phil Spector’s musicians stormed out of the studio the wa y Neil Young burst in.
Soft Laws are often unspoken and contain aspira tional goals by providing an incentivized framework for adhering to a certa in code of conduct\, e.g. the Lower East Side gallery culture of being open on Sundays. Isn’t it funny how one might advocate for a prickly person by saying that they are just “wired differently”? That can excuse a lot of dif ficult behavior.
American Contemporary is delighted to present Joel Ho lmberg’s first solo gallery exhibition. He has previously exhibited at the New Museum\, New York\, NY\; Outpost\, Norwich\, UK\; The Museum of the Mov ing Image\, New York\, NY\; The 9th Shanghai Biennale\, Shanghai\, CN\, The Sundance Film Festival\, Park City\, UT\, Espace Gantner\, Belfort\, FR an d will exhibit at Kettles Yard\, Cambridge\, UK later this year. He is a me mber of the web based collective Nasty Nets and studied at Virginia Commonw ealth University\, Richmond\, VA and Yale University\, New Haven\, CT.

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