FOLEY is pleased to present the first solo photography exhib ition of Chris Buck.

Known as an incredibly successful celebri ty photographer\, Buck has had access to some of the biggest names in conte mporary culture.  From Hollywood to our very own art world\, he is one of t he most creative and trusted photographers in the field.

In Pr esence\, Buck plays with our celebrity-obsessed culture and delivers portra its of some big names:  Robert De Niro\, David Lynch\, Cindy Sherman\, Judd Apatow...only\, they aren't in the picture.  Or are they?  Taken over the last 5 years\, each photograph is titled by the sitter\, but none of them a ppear in the frame.  Actually\, they do...we just can't see them.  They are hiding\, somewhere in the composition.  You have our doubts?  So did I.  A long with each photograph is a signed witness statement\, testifying that i ndeed the sitter is present and in the photograph.  Buck gives us the celeb rity without celebrity.

The association of the name with the i mage gives us even more points of entry to each work.  Is there a relations hip between the setting and the celebrity?  Is this commentary or just an u nrelated backdrop to a larger than life person?

This conceptua l framework and tweak with our expectations is a theme that Buck has played with before.  In his series\, Isn't\, he photographs people that look like certain celebrities doing funny things to a point that we just assume it's them\, convincing ourselves that we have been witness to the real thing.
Although Buck may be examining our desire to witness celebritie s ourselves\, Buck never makes fun of the people he's photographing.  It's an acknowledgement of our strange obsession with this class of individual a nd their unique role that they often play for us.

Presence has been published by Kehrer Verlag and will be available at the gallery.  Cel ebrities may appear at the opening\, but they will be hiding.

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