Elizabeth Dee is pleased to present Sin Titulo an exhibition co nceived in collaboration with Josée Bienvenu Gallery. The show will open to the public in two venues on January 10th\, 2013 at the galleries located a t 545 West 20th Street and 529 West 20th Street respectively.  The exhibiti on will continue through March 3rd\, 2013. The opening reception is on Thur sday\, January 10th from 6 – 8 pm.


Sin Titulo features an inte r-generational group of artists who are occupying various territories of co ntent and form within a European\, South America and American context.  Fea turing works from established practices in America\, Italy\, and Latin Amer ica\, Sin Titulo brings together artists who are prescient to thei r time and continue to be influential to new generations. The galleries wil l present selected works from their programs in dialogue with featured arti sts.  The collaboration brings about expanding contexts and ways of seeing that broaden former notions of the generational\, historical or geographica l.  Works in the exhibition address changing relationships between media an d incorporate immaterial aspects of space\, chance\, chroma and visual perc eption.

LOCATION:Elizabeth Dee Gallery\,2033/2037 Fifth Avenue \nNew York\, NY 1003 5 SUMMARY:Sin Titulo\, William Anastasi\, Mark Barrow\, Alighiero Boetti\, Ag ostino Bonalumi\, Marti Cormand\, Philippe Decrauzat\, Dario Escobar\, León Ferrari\, Leo Gabin\, Fernanda Gomes\, Kalup Linzy\, Macaparana\, Marco Ma ggi\, Stefana McClure\, Ryan McNamara\, François Morellet\, Robert Rauschen berg\, Mira Schendel\, Julianne Swartz\, Luis Tomasello END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR