MARC STRAUS is pleased to present the first one-person exhib ition of work by Marin Majic\, on view January 6 – February 8\, 2013.

Marin Majic\, who resides in Berlin\, creates paintings that presen t a vision of unsettling idyll. He draws imagery from varied sources—magazi nes\, screen shots\, film stills—creating plausible but unlikely combinatio ns of scenery\, faces and activities. Translating these collages into large -scale paintings with painstaking deliberateness\, the images acquire a cac he of familiarity in spite of (or due to) their uncanny subject matter. Sev eral of the paintings include figures set against a background of expansive wilderness\, stormy seas or rocky cliffs. The figures\, often wearing cost umes connoting safety and nostalgia\, at times recall pictures from old Hol lywood magazines or dusty snapshots that fill a parent’s albums.

Upon closer inspection\, however\, something is always awry. An adoring mother bids her son farewell\, but at second glance it is revealed that the ir relationship is charged. Two school girls with beaming smiles stand side -by-side in a bucolic meadow\, perfectly normal except for one crucial aspe ct. Happy-go-lucky adventurers sit in a rowboat on a stormy sea\, blissfull y oblivious to the tumultuous waves surrounding them. In perhaps the most u nsettling work\, full of Hitchcockian suspense\, the formula is altered: in stead of people in front of a landscape the roles are reversed. Large trees mostly obscure common brick homes\, suggesting that it is what is hidden t hat is most alarming.

The key to these works is Majic’s extraor dinary mastery of painting\, which holds the viewer enrapt despite the shar p edge of the subject matter. There is a push and pull between narrative an d style\, a struggle between the viewer’s desire to inspect the lush\, expe rtly painted scenery and their simultaneous hesitation at the unexpected co ntent. In one moment each painting in the exhibition can change from enchan ting to disconcerting\; consequently each viewer comes back again and again with renewed interest and even amusement.

Marin Majic was bor n in 1979 in Frankfurt\, Germany. He received his MFA from the Academy of F ine Arts in Zagreb\, Croatia. He was a finalist in the 45th Zagreb Salon as well as the Salon of Young Art\, Zagreb\, both in 2010. His work was inclu ded in the 2010 seminal exhibition After the Fall at the Hudson Valley Cent er for Contemporary Art in Peekskill\, NY\, which travelled to the Knoxvill e Museum of Art. He will have a solo exhibition at Isa Gallery in Mumbai\, India in January 2014.

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