“The artist’s impulse control is almost nonexistent. He wa nts to grab everything and lick it\, eat your lunch\, breathe into your pho ne. Leave his germs everywhere and laugh too loudly. Hurt people with mean comments. Then nuzzle up to them and ask for love. He is so complicated. Bu t so honest.”
     -Jennifer Coates\, Thanks for Letting Me Look


Fr edericks &\; Freiser is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by David Humphrey. He paints imagined worlds where the boundaries b etween psychological interior\, physical urges\, and familiar settings fall away. Humphrey’s source images are often derived from the public re alm\, which he mutates\, hybridizes and reframes into jarring and comic sit uations. Images posted on Facebook fold into classic mythology\, advertisin g\, art history and commercial entertainment to tell stories about the way individuals are woven into their world.

Humphrey combines a variety of painting vernaculars \; abstraction\, figuration\, gestural expressionism and technological imag ing comingle with automatist spills and drips. These operations are underst ood as modes of behavior that act as secondary characters in Humphrey’s< /b> twisted pictorial plots. To quote the artist\, “(the work) engages inno vation and tradition for their unstable capacities to purvey vitality\, to create force-fields of memory and feeling in which thought-rhythms and narr ative can describe what it feels like to be a person today.”
< br /> About the Artist
David Hump hrey (b 1955)
lives and works in New York. He has had solo exhibitions at the McKee Gallery\, New York\, Sikkema Jenkins\, New York\, Fredric Snit zer Gallery\, Miami\, and the Contemporary Art Center\, Cincinnati. His wor k is in many public collections including the Walker Art Center\, Minneapol is\, The Metropolitan Museum of Art\, New York\, and The Carnegie Museum of Art\, Pittsburgh. He is a senior critic at the Yale School of Art and an a nthology of his art writing\, entitled Blind Handshake\, was published in 2 010. This is his first solo exhibition at Fredericks &\; Freiser.

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