Born 1887\, West Bengal

Born in 1887 in a small village in the Bankura district\, West Bengal\, Jamini Roy joined the Gove rnment School of Art\, Kolkata in 1903. He began his career by painting in the Post-Impressionist genre of landscapes and portraits\, very much in kee ping with his training in a British academic system. Yet\, by 1925\, Roy ha d begun experimenting along the lines of popular bazaar paintings sold outs ide the Kalighat temple in Kolkata. By the early 1930s\, Roy began to use i ndigenous materials in his works\, painting on woven mats\, cloth and wood coated with lime. His inspiration for painting on woven mats was the textur es he found in Byzantine art\, which he had seen in color photographs. It o ccurred to him that painting on a woven mat might make for an interesting m osaic-like surface.

The Santhals\, tribal people who live in t he rural districts of Bengal\, were an important subject for Roy. A series of works done a decade before World War II is a prime example of how he cap tured the qualities that are a part of native folk painting and combined th em with those of his own. He fused the minimal brush strokes of the Kaligha t style with elements of tribal art from Bengal (like that of the terracott a work found in the Bishnupur temple\, where terracotta was often composed into elaborate\, decorative units over portals and across exterior walls of the temples).

Roy's rejection of the then modern style of pai nting and his foray into the realm of Bengali folk paintings marked a new b eginning in the history of Indian modern art. The mother and child\, Radha\ , and animals were painted in simple two-dimensional forms\, with flat colo r application and an emphasis on the lines. The main subjects were often en closed within decorative borders with motifs in the background. The figure of the Christ was also one of Roy’s common subjects.

Roy held several one-man exhibitions and numerous group shows. His works can be fou nd in several private and public collections\, institutions and museums all over the world\, including the Lalit Kala Academy in Delhi and museums in Germany and the United States of America.

Died 1972\, Kolkata\ , India.

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