Jack Shainman Gallery is pleased to announce the open ing of What Goes Without Saying\, Hank Willis Thomas' third s olo exhibition with the gallery. The show includes photographs\, sculpture\ , painting and new media\, all which delve into the construction of mytholo gies embedded in popular culture. Known for his innovative use of advertisi ng\, a globally ubiquitous language\, he builds complex narratives about hi story\, identity and race. This show brings together several facets of Thom as' practice to explore objects and language\, torn from their history\, br ought to our present\, and repurposed to reveal the process of their agency .

The works in What Goes Without Saying draw from a sec tion of Roland Barthes' book\, Mythologies\, to explore the ideas of explicit and implicit representations found in objects\, gestures and phra ses. By separating language from the advertising in which it appears\, he e ffectively deconstructs the relationship between the reader and viewer. In Thomas' new carborundum works\, part of the Fair Warning series\, he takes text from cigarette advertising in magazines from the 1960s\, 1970s\ , and 1980s\, retaining the font while abandoning the accompanying visuals. The decontextualized slogans like Stronger Yet Milder\, Measurab ly Long\, and Immeasurably Cool\, come to stand for more than ju st a cigarette\, highlighting the adjectives used to connote power and eleg ance\, often times with a sexual tone. These works\, produced at the Lower East Side Print Shop where Thomas is currently in residence\, are made from a material that simultaneously provides a galactic backdrop while mimickin g the non-slip adhesive commonly used to demarcate space in museums. The us e of the material further complicates the object-viewer relationship.

Representing identity through symbol and political motive\, Thomas brings together a series of paintings sourced from the advocacy buttons wor n in support of parties\, movements and ideologies over the past fifty year s. These small gestures are used as intellectual weapons and markers of par ticipation. Alliances are transformed into precious objects that speak to t he creation of collective language and the power of symbols.

I ndividual objects and their histories are further explored in Thenceforw ard and forever free\, an enlarged replica of a mid-19th century abolit ionist lapel pin toting a photograph encircled by delicately wrought alloy metal known to be one of the very first political buttons to incorporate a photograph. Thomas is able to resurrect the object's history and re-charge its agency to reflect a characteristically American means of both political advertising and personal expression.

What Goes Without Say ing focuses on subtext\, shifting meaning and the complexity of histori cal actions embedded in visual culture. These ideas are important in the co ntext of the current election and the theater of the campaigns.

Hank Willis Thomas lives and works in New York City. He has exhibited ext ensively throughout the United States and internationally. Recent solo and group exhibitions include Strange Fruit\, The Aldrich Contemporary A rt Museum\, Connecticut\, 2012\; Hank Willis Thomas: Strange Fruit\, Corcoran Gallery of Art\, Washington\, D.C.\, 2011-2012\; 30 Americans< /i>\, Rubell Family Collection\, Florida\, 20082013\, traveling next to the Memphis Brooks Museum\, Tennessee\; More American Photographs\, CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art\, California\, 2011 -2013\, traveling next to the Wexner Center for the Arts\, Ohio\; Making History\, MK Museu m für Moderne Kunst\, Germany\, 2012\; 12th Istanbul Biennial\, Turkey\, 20 11\; and Greater New York\, MoMA PS1\, New York\, 2010.

Thoma s is included in numerous private and public collections including the Muse um of Modern Art\, New York\; the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum\; New York\, the Studio Museum in Harlem\, New York\; The Whitney Museum of American Ar t\, New York\; and the Baltimore Museum of Art\, Maryland.

Tho mas\, along with Chris Johnson\, Bayeté Ross-Smith\, and Kamal Sinclair\, c reated Question Bridge\, a project that critically explores challeng ing issues within the black male community by instigating a transmedia conv ersation among black men across the geographic\, economic\, generational\, educational and social strata of American society. It has been shown at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival\, the 2012 Sheffield Doc/Fest\, the Brooklyn M useum\, the Oakland Museum of California and the Utah Museum of Contemporar y Art and is currently on view at the Project Row Houses in Houston\, Texas .

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