Phillips de Pury &\; Company is pleased to present Watercolors\, a curated selling exhibition featuring a diverse grou p of contemporary works by artists who have moved beyond using watercolor p aint as an auxiliary mode of expression to embracing it as their primary me dium. The exhibition will showcase over 80 abstract and figurative works th at challenge the romantic ideologies associated with historical watercolor.

Presently\, many artists regard watercolor as an secondary t ool reserved for simple sketches and impromptu figurative gestures too fick le and challenging to render complete works of art. However\, a new generat ion of artists\, utilizing contemporary aesthetic innovation and expertise\ , is turning to watercolor to establish a unique movement that explores the consequences of individual choice and social anonymity. Watercolors will n ot only focus on current uses of the medium\, but emphasize the idea of ind ividual experience and alienation through the study of everyday life. The c ollection of works will seek to replace modern depictions of opposition and sorrow born of social crisis with idealistic depictions of the humbler asp ects of personal character unaffected by social influence.

Watercolors is curated by Kristin Sancken\, a New York-based writer an d curator. She graduated in 2011 from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art with a Masters of Art in Art Business and is a current employee at Phillips de Pu ry &\; Company. This exhibition was organized in conjunction with Active Ideas Productions\, Inc. AI Productions serves the artistic community by f acilitating awareness of emerging artists and educating the public about th eir work. Also in partnership are galleries 303\, Ricco Maresca\, Bravin Le e Programs\, Greenberg Van Doren\, Halsey McKay\, Tripoli\, Salomon Contemp orary\, Eli Ridgway\, and Nicole Klagsburn.

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