When World War II broke out\,  New York was a cosmopolitan\, heavily immigrant city\, whose people had real stakes in the war and stron gly held opinions. WWII &\; NYC will explore the impact of the war on the metropolis\, which played a critical role in the national war ef fort\, and how the city was forever changed.


The presence of troops \, the inflow of refugees\, the wartime industries\, the dispatch of fleets \, and the dissemination of news and propaganda from media outlets\, change d New York\, giving its customary commercial and creative bustle a military flavor. Likewise\, the landscape of the city acquired a martial air\, as d efenses in the harbor were bolstered\, old forts were updated\, and the doc ks became high security zones. This grand consideration of the wartime metr opolis will feature the compelling stories of those who experienced the war in a New York City context.


The exhibition will range from the mob ilization of workers to the frenzy of shipbuilding\, from the home front ar ts and entertainment industry to the dispatch of troops to the European the ater\, from the struggles over Civil Rights and segregation to the Times Sq uare celebration of V-J Day. These were the times that saw raucous men in u niform celebrating their last stateside moments\, tearful families embracin g their sons\, women with lunch pails off to work\, celebrity-studded bond rallies and calls for justice at home and abroad from African-American patr iots.


Installed throughout all floors of the New-York Historical So ciety\, the exhibition will feature more than 300 objects\, including artif acts\, paintings\, maps\, photographs\, posters\, film footage\, music\, ra dio broadcasts\, and newly recorded eyewitness accounts that document the m ost widespread\, destructive\, and consequential conflict in history. Highl ighted features include:


T he exhibition will draw upon extensive collections at New-York Historical a nd on important loans from the US Navy\, the Smithsonian Institution\, the Mariners’ Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art\, among other instituti ons.

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