Benrimon Contemporary is pleased to announce Good Luck With That\, Trey Speegle’s second solo exhibition at the gallery\, which will feature new paintings\, shadow-box works and a never before seen sculptural instal lation.  


Good Luck With That\, the second solo exhibition at B enrimon Contemporary by Neo-Pop artist Trey Speegle\, is at once his most d ecorative and conceptual. The painter\, known for recontextualizing vintage paint-by-number paintings and combining them with words and phrases\, proc eeds in the new works to deconstruct the genre and reconstruct it in a rang e of ways.

Leaping bac k to Abstract Expressionism\, Speegle hops forward to Pop\, literally and v isually\, with his Abstract Bridge/Abstract Waterfall series. In these work s\, the artist playfully recombines color field paintings with intricate pa int-by-number line work\, hybridizing the intense subjectivity of expressio nism with the readymade art-for-all template of the oft-derided form.

2012 marks the 60th anniver sary of the paint by numbers phenomenon which sprang into glorious life in 1952. Speegle himself\, 52\, was born in 1960. The corollary numbers are em bedded in the Better Number series\, converging the origins of Pop\, the in troduction of paint by numbers and the artist’s own chronology.

The 10 foot diptych\, The Future Was Better\, points the way to future past tense\, in a landscape absent of green but filled with an abundance of optimism\, the flip side of the show 's title. Speegle references both Pop and Conceptual Art with his Better Fu ture Paint cans\, re-purposing ready-mades into a limited edition series of stacked three-dimensional prints embedded with encouragement and clues for the viewer's "better" life.

Also featured in the show\, the “Mark” series is based on croppings of vintage paint by numbers\, enlarged as hard-edged painted backgrounds an d screened with a silhouetted horse and line work. It Left a Mark Where You Were is a series of black-framed shadow boxes with black tempera “alterati ons” on vintage panels\, denoting possible loss\, absence and melancholia.

Speegle has recently collaborated on projects with Fred Perry\, Stella McCartney and Anthropolog ie Home. He shows his originals on paper in Jonathan Adler shops in the US and in London. In 2011\, The Microsoft Art Collection acquired his iconic Y ou Are Here painting for the lobby of their San Francisco headquarters. Tre y is featured in several upcoming books\, including Thank You Andy Warhol\, which will premiere on October 4th with an exhibit of works from the book during Speegle's Good Luck With That exhibition. The artist divides his tim e between New York City’s Meatpacking District and his converted barn in th e Catskill Mountains

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