Rush Arts Gallery is proud to announce 15 x 15: Celebrating Rush Arts Gallery's 15th
Anniversary. Opening September 15\, 2011\, 15 x 15 commemorates Rush's legacy of
cultivating talented artists early in their career.
For 15 x 15\, guest curator and art advisor Ingrid L aFleur brings together fifteen Rush
alumni- Simone Leigh\, Kalup Linzy \, Ayana V Jackson\, Tahir Hemphill\, Sol'Sax\,
Wangechi Mutu\, Sanfor d Biggers\, Navin June Norling\, Diane Wah\, Kenya (Robinson)\,
Michae l Paul Britto\, Renee Cox\, Barron Claiborne\, Lennon Jno-Baptiste\, Angelb ert
Metoyer. 15 x 15 is a provocative cross-section that highlights Ru sh's roster of
celebrated artists. It also recognizes the significant role Rush played in making space
for emerging artists of color. This e stablished Rush as a springboard for many artists'
career garnering th em critical success.
Rush founder and arts advocate\, Danny Simmons\, had this vision in mind when he
created the gallery in the then burgeo ning arts district of Chelsea\, "Rush arts was so
necessary to give a voice to young artists of color. It was often these artists' first
exp osure to critics\, patrons and the public. Over the years it has become a s ought after
venue where young artists have found their creative voices . As we move into the next
phase of the gallery's development we will take these important voices onto the global
arts stage and let the wor ld know what they have to say."
In tandem to Simmons' vision and the u ltimate mission of Rush\, former director Derrick
Adams developed an i ntelligent curatorial program for over 10 years. This has resulted
in Rush's reputation for exhibiting experimental art work across all genres.In addition to 15 x 15 Rush has collaborated with Artspace to produce a portfolio of
fifteen limited edition prints by the same artists avail able Fall 2011

LOCATION:Rush Arts Gallery\,526 W.26th St. Suite 311\nNew York\, NY 10001 SUMMARY:15 x 15: Celebrating Rush Arts Gallery's 15th Anniversary\, Kenya ( Robinson)\, Sanford Biggers\, Michael Paul Britto\, Barron Claiborne\, Rene e Cox\, Tahir Hemphill\, Ayana V Jackson\, Lennon Jno-Baptiste\, Simone Lei gh\, Kalup Linzy\, Angelbert Metoyer\, Wangechi Mutu\, Navin June Norling\, Sol'Sax\, Diane Wah END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR