The panel discussion is an out growth of New York Gallery Week’s mission to create a forum for all region al museums and institutions\, both large and small\, with the intent of he lping the nation’s museums to network closely with one another as well as tighten relations with the vast array of contemporary art galleries in New York City.  Creating a diverse panel\, including directors and curators f rom leading university museums across the country\, as well as an artist\, the discussion will develop around both future visions for the museum st ructure and the impediments one encounters in running and working within a n institution.  Every level\, from infrastructure to exhibitions will be o n the table.


Panel Participants: Sabi ne Eckmann\, director of the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum at Washington University in St. Louis\; Claudia Gould\, director of the Institute of Con temporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania\;Jacob Proctor\, curator a t the University of Michigan Museum of Art\; artist\, Liam Gillick\; moder ated by Scott Rothkopf\, curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art

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