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Performance Artists from the Boston Museum School + Peter Kas tner/Rodney Dickson

[Germany / Boston]

" The Futur e is Now! "

Friday\, November 19
9:00 pm - 1:00 am< br /> $5 suggested donation

\n \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
There's a new vibrancy in the air! It's tangi ble now! You must be feeling it!

Performance-Art is hitting a new stride\, with fresh and original experiences happening within this art form everyday. When Abstract Expressionism hit the art world\, it created an explosion. This is the energy we're feeling around performace-art toda y.

Peter Kastner's work explores new fields in sound\, and the Museum School in Boston explores new fields of expression through "solo wo rk based in the visual\, while also encouraging an engagement in an inter disciplinary practice incorporating other media." (SMFA website)


Special visiting artist:
PETER KASTNER [Germany] with Rodney Dickson

SMFA artists:
Cathy McLauri n
Erik Benjamins
Daniel Cevallos
Sarah Hill
Valerie Rafferty
Heidi Reynolds
Joanna Tam

PETER KASTNER with Rodney Dickson

Born 1960 in Hamburg. Painting since 1981. 1997 cofounder and organisator of the Transindustriell group\ , 2001 cofounder and organisator of the Trans Industrial Toy Orchestra (TI TO). After the end of Trans Industrial (October 2009) there are actual fou r main projects: KO*OP (together with Paolo Moretto)\; Permanent Revolutio n (paintings\, installations\, performances and audio works) and the two p rojects for performance and improvised music\; Sonic Toy Lab (w. Ine Ophof and Jan van Wissen)\; futureduck (w. Robert Klammer)
Since 1989 per formances\, collaborations\, group and solo exhibitions in Hamburg\, Bremen \, Amsterdam\, Verona\, Venedig\, New York\, Tokyo\, Beijing ...
RODN EY DICKSON: Born in 1956 in Northern Ireland\, I grew up during the troubl ed years of civil disorder that engulfed that country. Having drawn and pa inted since a child\, I have reacted to my early experience by considering the futility and hypocrisy of war through art. http://www.rodneydickson.c om

students of artist Tony Schwensen

CATHY MCLAURIN< br /> Cathy McLaurin: I use common objects in uncommon ways\, transforming my body in order to create a dreamlike atmosphere with an emotional core.< br />
Erik Benjamins explores social ritu al with optimism and informality. His practice necessitates participation and exchange\, reflecting a desire to investigate the successes and failu res of communication within and across cultural contexts. For this exhibit ion I am facilitating a portable tasting station incorporating audio\, tex t and image.
Erik received a BA\, double majoring in Communication St udies and Studio Arts at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles\, CA a nd is currently a second year MFA candidate in Studio Art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts\, Boston in affiliation with Tufts University. E rik Benjamins:

Sarah Hill: This is what I have been thinking about this semester? Does A rtaud intend his ?theatre of cruelty? to be an act of love? ... It can be seen\, as an act of love\, thus is positivity negates the difficulties of power. For Artaud is clear that although the ?theatre of cruelty? is about power over the audience\, it is also about empowering the same audience. This is the double bind of love ?? (223 The skin of the Unconscious\, 100 years of cruelty). I am wondering if it is even possible for an audience t o feel love or anger? Are they not only experiencing the signifiers of lov e or anger?

Heidi Reynolds is a sec ond year MFA student working primarily in performance\, video\, and sculptu re.

Title: 107\,594
Joanna Tam is a Hong Kong-born visual artist working primarily in photography and video . She received a BS degree in Computer Science from Boston College and i s currently a MFA candidate at the School of Museum of Fine Arts\, Boston.
Often incorporating performative elements in her practice\, she mak es work that provokes discourses on issues and social phenomena around the themes of identity and social memory

DANIEL CEVALLOS Title: Out of bounds
By the use of soccer vernacular\, Out of Bo unds\, is the blurring and the revealing of the obvious\, understanding\, translating\, and communicating with equanimity and quietness. The substit ution of some seriousness for a bit of absurdity and even humor\, finds a balance of ambiguity and specificity. Art has the potential to closely que stion and activate the space created between two sides of a conflict.
I am interested in how each individual becomes existentially aware of he r/his social standing and her/his relationship to those parameters that po litically situate us all in the world.