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Lilianne Milgrom interviewed by A Woman's Paris French Impressions: Lilianne Milgrom and the artistic sexuality of Paris 16Jul 2013 Written by A Woman’s Paris™ in Interviews ≈ 0 comments   Tags 19th century French painters, African-American artists in Paris, Auguste Rodin, Bonjour Paris!, Crossroads Gallery Washington DC, Edouard Vuillard, France, Great Works 50 Paintings Explored by Tom Lubbock, Gustave Courbet... [more]
Posted by Lilianne Milgrom on 8/16/13

DC newspaper article on my latest solo show Summer in Paris New Milgrom Portrait Exhibit Takes Viewers to Paris June 21, 2013 1:13 PM0 Comments Paris-born artist Lilianne Milgrom brings Paris to the Washington, D.C.-area this summer with a new series of contemporary portraits, “Summer in Paris, Portrait Paintings by Lilianne Milgrom.” The exhibit opens July 3 at Crossroads Gallery at Goodwin House Bailey’s Crossroads and closes Aug. 21. While acknowledging the legacy... [more]
Posted by Lilianne Milgrom on 8/16/13

Artist Statement for Fuller Craft Museum exhibition

Artist Statement  “If The Shoe Fits...Buy It" Fuller Craft Museum, Brockton, MA 2010   Shoes are much more than pretty accessories. Throughout the ages, they have reflected the cultural and societal mores of their day. My particular interest lies in the paradox between the shoe’s status as a symbol of pollution and disrespect in many Eastern cultures, and the desirable, almost reverential status they enjoy in our post-industrial consumer society. My multi-media installation entitled If The... [more]
Posted by Lilianne Milgrom on 3/20/13

2010 article for Vingt Paris: MAC/VAL

Sick of Paris? MAC/VAL – Worth the visit In the unlikely event that Paris is beginning to get tiresome,  Vingt Paris art correspondent Lilianne Milgrom offers a contemporary art experience just outside the Paris metropolis.   Val-de-Marne’s museum of contemporary art MAC/VAL is remarkable in many ways.  Notwithstanding the exceptional, world-class contemporary art exhibitions, this architectural gem is situated in the heart of an industrial, racially diverse town very much on the... [more]
Posted by Lilianne Milgrom on 3/20/13

It all boils down to those two little words....

It all boils down to those two little words… Article for Art and Beyond by Lilianne Milgrom Two years ago I spent six weeks at the d’Orsay Museum as the authorized copyist of Gustave Courbet’s infamous l’Origine du monde (The Origin of the World). This masterpiece is still considered the gold standard in erotic portraiture even though it was painted in 1866. About ten days into my stint as a copiste, I had an epiphany. L’origine du monde is not a painting of a nude woman; it is a... [more]
Posted by Lilianne Milgrom on 3/20/13

I Am Woman

I AM WOMAN Published in BSC Publishing Paris 2012 In my quest for the elusive essence of female sexuality and identity, I chose a path which led me back to the beginning of time. Back to the creation, the very origin of the world. In artistic terms that meant undertaking a profoundly personal dialogue with Gustave Courbet’s notorious masterpiece entitled l’Origine du monde. Courbet’s shocking depiction of an exposed vagina is still as thought-provoking and relevant today as it was when... [more]
Posted by Lilianne Milgrom on 3/20/13

Making the Headlines!

                        I almost fell off my seat today. There I was checking my email and doing a quick peruse of all the various art news feeds and blogs I subscribe to, the most prestigious and informative being Blouin ARTINFO Daily Arts Digest. They write about the very latest trends and happenings in visual arts, architecture, culture, innovation and design. Today’s headlines featured the most stunning revelation about a particular 19th century work of art very close to my heart –... [more]
Posted by Lilianne Milgrom on 2/19/13

Check out my blog!

I am pretty new at blogging and just got my new website launched about a month ago. I invite everyone to please check out and all comments welcome. Artslant looks like an incredibly high quality site. I'm looking forward to exploring it - does anyone else find that keeping up with sites and checking things out is way too time consuming???? [more]
Posted by Lilianne Milgrom on 8/2/09