Chris Doyle

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Sam, I Hate You  
Chris Doyle at Sam Lee Gallery @ Pacific Design Center (Blue Building) September 24th, 2009 - November 28th, 2009
Posted 10/1/09
You showed some of these gorgeous watercolors before, Sam.  I wanted one then, I want one now.  I still can't afford them, or the fantastic video that went with them.  Why do you torture me so?  I'm a good person.  I work hard.  I really do think you should give me one of these because it will make my life so much better.   [more]
That's Some Nice Stuff  
Chris Doyle at Sam Lee Gallery December 15th, 2007 - January 26th, 2008
Posted 1/4/08
A slick and mesmerizing video.  I can't afford one, but that's probably for the best.  I'd just watch it all the time and skip work, and end up homeless, and have to sell it anyway.  Wicked controlled watercolors, too.  [more]