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I have the body of a serpent, and many heads and poisonous breath. When you chop off one of my heads two more will grow in its place. I emerge from the swamp to attack herds of cattle and local villagers. I devour them with my numerous heads. If I am alarmed or attacked, my tentacles retract to small buds, and my body contracts into a small gelatinous sphere. I generally react in the same way regardless of the direction of the stimulus, this may be due to the simplicity of my nerve net. I am... [more]
Posted by Sarah Conaway on 3/14/14


A line drawing. Abstract scraps. Grey backdrop. Grey area.1 Black backdrop. Foreground. Middleground. Background. Are they automatic? That one has an abdomen. A camera is a small room. I made these in the studio with a spoon. It is out of focus. It is in another space. They are floating in a space. I am out walking the streets. The lines are string? A little stage. Two bodies take up space. Three forms take their shape. A collage of scraps. A map of scraps. Foam takes... [more]
Posted by Sarah Conaway on 3/14/14


Text written to accompany the exhibition Pure Smoke Culture curated by artist Nick Kramer at Anthony Greaney Gallery in Boston.           Well it's weird because when you sent me your possible title for the show I kept misreading it as (was it because you sent me that picture of purple smoke?) I will admit it took me a bit to wrap my head around your working idea for the show. Because all of the art works in the show are based on a certain kind of... [more]
Posted by Sarah Conaway on 3/14/14

The Octopus in the Room

  No one talks about the octopus in the room. An octopus has an eye on each side of its head and has very good eyesight. An octopus cannot hear. The first mode of defense for an octopus is to try and hide. The second mode of defense is fast escape. I know someone whose pet octopus would come out of the tank to play with its favorite toy, a plastic spatula. If it felt ignored it would squirt the owner from across the room. Weird made a hurdle. Comma curled up in a ball. Weird made some... [more]
Posted by Sarah Conaway on 3/14/14
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