Jeff Christensen

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Screw artslant this stuff should be in Juxtapoz, i dont know if you read this stuff or if your just painting away in some basement apartment but desperate times is wicked and between sand and stars is far beyond anything ive seen lately if not ever, Theres a touch of Robert Williams and Mars but your concepts are orig dont eat the paint Krupa
Comment by: Greg Krupa on Tuesday 05/05/09 at 3:01 AM
very cool.
dope stuff. twisted. I have a friend named Chris Roth, think you'd like his stuff. you can check it out @
Comment by: Andrea Mcdonald on Thursday 04/30/09 at 1:44 AM
Bravo Jeff!
Hi. When I visit your gallery,I feel happy. I think it is a real art. Each of the artists has its own style and it is very good. Wish you a great creative success. Please visit my ArtSlant gallery and if you are interested, write your opinion. With regards Armen
Comment by: ARMEN DANEGHYAN on Tuesday 04/28/09 at 8:38 PM