Deirdre Fox

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On Our Block This Is Not A Miigratory Flock, 2016 Plastic, Fabric 54" X 52" X 2" © Deirdre A. Fox
Physical Doodle: Initial Habitat, 2015 Repurposed Plastic 30" X 60" X 6" © Deirdre A/ Fox
Physical Doodle: Variation 3, 2015 Repurposed Plastic 24" X 18" X 2" © Deirdre A. Fox
Physical Doodle, 2015 Repurposed Plastic 24" X 18" X 2" © Deirdre A. Fox
Pulse or Crag At One End of This Is Not a Fishing Line, 2016 Plastic 24" X 40" X 2" © Deirdre A. Fox
Physical Doodle: Nest, 2016 Repurposed Plastic 24" X 12" X 4" © Deirdre Fox
Physical Doodle: Nest 2, 2016 Repurposed Plastic 18" X 12" X 4" © Deirdre A. Fox
Bull, 2008 © (c)2008DeirdreAFox
Quick Facts
Northwestern University, 1986, BS Materials Science
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2003, BFA
installation, conceptual

I put physical objects to abstract use in visual poems.

Making work that appears disposable counters the modern, wasteful paradigm to build in obsolescence.

Disposable bags, bottles, and other refuse -- modern artifacts -- partially shed their identity as containers as I collapse, inflate, stretch, fold, weave and assemble them to function as points, lines and volumes of narrative object drawings or paintings held together by the transitory (site position and light).

Drawing crosses into sculpture. The language of the material, its physical volume, and what isor is not contained must be accommodated or countermanded.

The thinner than expected demarcation between permanence and transience has focused mywork on gesture. Recent exploration engages with making physical doodles -- gestures -- from scavenged objects.

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