faramarz khani

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Review to faramarz khani s painting
The painting  for me is truthful  reflex  from  me  and events  with perspectives  philosophy  religious and own social  structure breath breathe around me . during  creates a painting often the end of work is absolutely  clear for me      . focus  on viewing  angle  leads to that result  of painting  in terms  of {syntheses  metric  size type  echo logy select  cues  and  etc .....} is the aim of and this way  leads to result of in terms of scale echo logy  and tech nice is variable . from the origin a elements of my  activity days  is change  the  effect able  surface  of  board  that  gradually  excite  from  classic  echo logy  and in next  periods  turn  in to multiple  syntheses  with  difference  size  and today  introduction  in simple  geometric  volume  because  of  curve  or curve  the  echo logy  and  turn in to  volume quid ,triangle ,cylinder in turn  recall the contemporary   architect . also  the type  of array  each  part  witch single  is a  independent  , meaningful  and  episodic  together  in duce  a new meaning   indicator  of  general  view  of  viewer . by  this  way  viewer  have  to  go to see  the  work  and  attributed  to  preconceived  the  concept  . this round  and  rotation  is  artistes ........that  thought  for  value  the  own  work . also  demonstrated  our  ground  and  absurd  motion  in  our  live  and  return  baseline  that  can  occur where  ever  start line . board and  has  a  concept  of  this  sentences  start [[[ and  perform  the  world  is  one ]]]   in  latent  layer  . by  this  way  even though  may  used  to  narration  philosophy  , volume  , animation  then  finally  presantated  by  painting  and  result  is  a  painting  hasn't  claim  rather  that  , this until  expressive  the  events  and  introspection  of  contemporary  men  with  simple  and  changed appearance  maybe  this  way  leads  to  my  painting  was  an  inaicator of place and time  that I live in but difference with other painters.
(((  because of is not completely possible to see my painting  through picture. my painting has been shown by the film.)))                                                  
faramarz khani
was born : 1982 in iran , kordestan , kamyaran 
graduated from sanandag art school in  2000
he has a  A . A  grade from sore  university  of Tehran and now he is painting  under  graduated  student  of  sore university of Tehran .
operate one painting-gallery sporadic
operate twenty painting-gallery gregarious
operate more than thirty  workshop painting
he teacher they design  , painting concurrently in eslamshahr  and sore  university since  2000-2007                                                                                                                       

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faramarz khani has Exhibited at these venues:

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