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Daniel Arnold Article
As a sculptor and photographer, I have to take issue with your support of Daniel Arnold's photography. It seems that in your view, a photographer can make money any way they can and damn the people they photograph. I thought that it was illegal to photograph a person and make a profit from it without first having the person sign a model release form. All of the photographers that you used as examples as to why we should appreciate Arnold, also had no right to someone's image without their permmission! Those so called acclaimed photogs were mostly acclaimed after they were dead. And who acclaimed them. A art market that is built on exclusion, racism, and a willingness to perpetuate fraud. It is this "artistic arrogance" that has turned so many people against contemporary art. This "art establishment" has set the bar so low now, that anything is acceptable as long as it can make a profit. Question, "Has Daniel Arnold offered to split the profits with the people whose images he stole?" Arnold I'm sure will go on to become "famous" in the contemporary art world, but the people he stole from will be left behind.
Comment by: O. Fayomi on Tuesday 06/10/14 at 6:47 PM