Gianluca Capozzi

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beautiful work! Carole
Comment by: Carole d'Inverno on Thursday 04/09/09 at 7:37 AM
Interersting works..
I love the one with the horse.
Comment by: Stefan. Fransson. on Saturday 04/04/09 at 5:00 AM
Comment by: Gianluca Capozzi on Thursday 03/26/09 at 6:29 AM
Really nice!I Great color!!!
Really like your work!!! I invite you to visit my gallery and examine my art. I hope it appeals to you and that you might cast your vote in my direction. Thank you SO Much for your time!
Comment by: Ray Wolf on Saturday 03/14/09 at 4:08 AM
What a nice pattern with daisies!
Comment by: Larissa Britton on Friday 03/13/09 at 9:30 AM