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In search of global peace, January, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 26" By 26" © yes
Reaching for the stars., November, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 78"By 56" © copyrighted
love divine, 1984 Indian Ink On Paper © copyrighted
The baby step, november, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 56"By 40" © copyrighted
do you like my music?, 1985 Oil On Canvas © yes
Angels respond, 2008 Acrylic On Canvas Approximately 3ft By 4ft © yes
butterflies, 2002 Mixed Media Approximately 3ft By 4 Ft © yes
The swans, 2009 Mixed Media On Canvas 4ft By 4ft © yes
The nymph, 2000 Oil On Canvas Approximately 4 Ft By 5 Ft © yes
Draupadi., 2002 Oil On Canvas Approximately 4ft By 5ft © copyrighted
Title--Colors rain, N0vember, 2008 Mixed Media 4ft By 3 Ft © copyrighted
Trapped, 2008 Acrylic Approximately 3ft By 3 Ft © yes
Sita being carried away © yes
In search of global peace, 2009 Mixed Media 26" By 26" © yes
Dante's fire, 12-13-09 Acrylic On Canvas 36 By 48 © yes
When light dances on her face!, 2-20-2010 Acrylic On Canvas. 20"X24" © yes.
The lamp., February 2010 Pencil On Paper. 11"X 14" © yes
When a stone sculpture dances!, 2010 Acrylic Approximately 4ft X 3.8 Ft. © yes
Search for the source! Acrylic On Canvas. © yes.
Quick Facts
Representing galleries,

 I am Nalini Bhat. I was born in india. I have a master's degree in Economics from Bangalore university.  I have a tremendous passion for painting, writing short stories, childrens' stories, Indian Classical dance called Bharatanatyam, playing an Indian instrument called Veena, classical singing, doll making, batik, sculpture and vegetable garnishing. I moved to The United States in1984. I am married and have a son.I am a self tought artist except for a brief introduction to watercolor and oil paints by a friend.I have held several solo shows, the first one being greatly appreciated by the former prime minister of India Mr. Vajpayee.  Currently I run a non profit organization called Lotus dance Academy where youngsters learn Bharatanatyam, the most ancient dance form from india.  I have displayed some of my award winning paintings here.  You can
 view my art at and nobullart.  I enjoy artslant and the work it is doing.
Quick facts about my art:
1988: My first solo show was attended and appreciated by the former prime minister of India, Mr. Vajpayee in Montreal, Canada. I presented portraits of the first prime minister of independent India to former Canadian prime minister, Paul Martin, and senator Vincent Dinose. The exhibition was highly admired by the Indian High commissioner, S. J. S Chatwaal too.
!989-2000: Kauffman's art gallery in Pittsburgh displayed my art devoting an entire wall for my paintings and batik work. The commercial sales were phenominal.
Between 2000 and 2009 I have held solo exhibitions at the following venues:
Bottle works in Johnstown,  Kannada Bhavan in Bangalore, India,  Slippery rock in Pittsburgh, Brynmauer college in Philadelphia, and  S.V. Temple in Pittsburgh.
Two of my works, The embrace and The applause have won the "Highest Achievement award" by the juried exhibition held by the Promistar bank.
My painting entitled "Many splendored thing" was unanimously selected amidst very tough competition to appear as the cover of the prestigious book called "South Asian Review", which has circulation all over the world.
I have illustrated a book called Arunachalada Aruna by Mrs. Sita Kangovi.


 Description of my winning July showcase entry:

 The painting has a lady with eyes closed as though she is searching for peace within. If you look closely there are figures of children and white dots showering over the globe( white for peace). The lotus flower stands for purity amidst all the dirt around just like a lotus remains pure even though it blosssoms in muddy waters.

Description of my november showcase entry:

Love divine signifies the supreme love that existed between Radha and Krishna,the divine characters in Indian mythology.



Exhibited at these venues
Nalini Bhat has Exhibited at these venues:

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