Alex Jobbagy

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Solitude, 1991 Oil On Canvas Board 36cm X 28.5cm © Copyright Alex S Jobbagy
First step Oil On Canvas Board 61cm X 46cm © Alex S Jobbagy
Treasure Oil On Canvas Board 26cm X 21cm © Alex S Jobbagy
Clown Mixed Media On Paper © Alex S Jobbagy
Mask Ink On Paper 21cm X 29.7cm © Alex S Jobbagy
Outback still life Oil On Canvas 61cm X 46cm © Copyright Alex Jobbagy
European autumn Oil On Canvas 40cm X 60cm © Copyright Alex Jobbagy
Evolving face Ink On Paper 21cm X 29.5cm © Copyright Alex Jobbagy
Day dream Ink On Paper 21cm X 29.5cm © Copyright Alex Jobbagy
Hope Oil On Canvas © Copyright AJ
Junk Oil On Canvas 50 X 70 Cm © A Jobbagy
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Melbourne, kolozsvar, australian_artist, landscape, surrealism, modern, figurative

Alex S Jobbagy is an artist and multimedia designer living in Melbourne, Australia. He has many works in private galleries all over Europe and in Australia.

"Being both a formally and a self educated artist, I have always been interested in social/political issues as the major forces that shape our life, and their effect on the average person's struggle to survive and rise.
I had my first solo exhibition at the age of 13.

Inspired by Salvador Dali and the great surrealist movement, my artistic style of expression is surrealism and symbolism. I am continuously experimenting with different mediums but my favourite remains oil on canvas.

As an artist, I feel that it is my duty to reveal the contrast between the harmonious relationship of the individual with nature, as opposed, to the man-made, often artificial, connections developed in the modern society. While my artworks speak for themselves, I want to present these issues from a different, unique angle, hoping to stop viewers and encourage them to think."

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