Alberto D'Assumpcao

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Gnosis - I, 2005 Oil On Canvas 59,06" X 39,37"
Unexpected Show, 2007 Oil On Canvas 120 X 140 Cm
The Old Monastery, 2009 Oil On Canvas 150 X 100 Cm
Movement in Blue, 2005 Oil On Canvas 45 X 35 Cm
Untitled, 2008 Oil Pastel On Plywood 45 X 36 Cm
Little Luminous Symphony, 2008 Oil Pastel On Canvas 27 X 35 Cm
Untitled, 2008 Oil Pastel On Plywood 30 X 60 Cm
Untitled, 2008 Oil Pastel On Canvas 27 X 41 Cm
In Hoc Signum, 2009 Oil On Canvas 39,37" X 39,37"
Seven Windows - III, 2009 Oil On Canvas 39,37" X 27,56"
Self-portrait, 1989 Oil On Canvas 19,69" X 23,62"
Begin, 1996 Oil On Canvas 59,06" X 39,37"
Scenography for a mysterious ballet, 1997 Oil On Canvas 39,37" X 28,74""
Vertigo, 1998 Oil On Canvas 28,74"X 39,37"
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Guimaraes, Portugal
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Ponte GMR




More poet than politician or sociologist, the philosophic Plato, 2500 years ago, saw the world as a reminiscent aspect of a universe of the ideas and forms, the unique consistence of the real. The spirit entity for the existence was the absolute (unlimited) contemplation of the Universe, whose archetypes pure, static and permanent shaped themselves, approachable and free in the dimension   with which the intellect organized itself   with them in knowledge and harmony.

It is in the extent of this myth (legend) of the classic idealism that I feel the “Abstracts” of Alberto D’Assumpcao, whose serenity tell us, as a kind of flowing, the metaphysics of the Universes in peace. This platonic contemplation of the spirit together with the archetypes we can feel and see in these “Abstracts” as a visual projection of the unlimited and at the same time of our humanity. The colour, so typical, as a self-confidence indication of this painter, is established as a thematic evolution in each of his paintings. So, the aesthetics organization of the pictures of this painter D’Assumpcao uses the oneiric combination and fascination that is proper of the contemplative status. Beside we can see associate at the archetypical mite the mechanic’s and regulating ordination of the planetary spheres, the genial modernity of Newton.  It is the mystery, the geometry, the controlled space.

All painting is a printed picture, of things and ideas. Alberto’s father, the great painter Manuel D’Assumpcao, said that “pictures are not Painting”. We can understand this thinking of the history of the Abstract. All the artists and visionaries give prominence to the common, social, metaphysic dramas of the existence, always feeling the liberty. All forms of Art of the “Abstract” have the universal inexpressive and cosmic of the spirit looking for his own existence.

It seems to be happened with Plato, the philosopher, whose friends called “the divine”. It seems happened also the same in the paintings of Alberto D’Assumpcao, the classical revival in the “Abstract” of the mite of Felicity.

Carlos Garcia de Castro


Son of the Portuguese painter Manuel D’Assumpcao was born in Lisbon in 1956 and lives now in Guimaraes, north of Portugal.

He exhibits regularly since 1989. He’s a Fellow of RSA, London. With the artists Adrian Bayreuther, Constantin Severin, Izabella Pavlushko and Olga Dmytrenko  constitutes the international group “3rd Paradigm”. He’s also a Member of “Portuguese Authors Society”, “International Illustrated Letter Writing Society”, “Artists for Peace” and “Archetypal Expressionism”. His paints are showed in several collections such as Bank of Portugal,Cupertino de Miranda’s Foundation, C. M. Barcelos, J.P.F., Pascoaes House, and the poet António Pinheiro Guimaraes Family and other private collections in Portugal and other Countries.

He has participated as a member of the Jury in the 2nd and the 3rd Biennale International of Youth Art of “Vila Verde” village. He was selected by the International Jury to participate at the 4th International Biennale of Contemporary Art of Firenze, Italy. He was selected to participate at the “BIRD 2005 International Art Award, BeijingChina, and 1st International Art Biennale of Chapingo, Mexico.

Together with Maria Isabel D’Assumpcao, creates modern tapestry in typical Portuguese “Arraiolos” with exclusive designs.


2nd Place Award in “BIRD 2005 International Art Award”, Beijing – China.

3rd Place award in the “ art Project: the Light” (2006), Czestochowa, Poland.

1st Place award in the “3th Artperiscope Artwork Competition” (2008), Czestochowa, Poland.



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2009 – “Doors of Perception”, Vieira Portuense Gallery, Oporto, Portugal

2007 - "Paintings", Asas d'Arte Gallery, Anadia, Portugal

2007 -"Paintings", Tubo d'Ensaio Gallery, Figueira da Foz, Portugal

2006 - “Paintings” – Rui Alberto Espaço D’Arte, Oporto, Portugal

2004 - “Pieces of the same feeling” – Espaço Ávila, Lisbon, Portugal

2003 - “Sediments of un unlost sky” - Barata Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.

2002 -“Cosmogonies and another themes”– Espaço Ilimitado Gallery, Oporto, Portugal.

2001 - “Instants of Infinite” – Paço dos Duques de Bragança, Guimarães, Portugal

2000 -“5 Portics and another themes” – Almadarte Gallery, Costa de Caparica, Portugal.

1997 - Barata Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.

1997 - Eborensia Gallery, Évora, Portugal.

1996 - Tamar, Art Gallery, Évora, Portugal.

1995 - Eborensia Gallery, Évora, Portugal.

1994 - “Spirals and Constructions” – Óptica Conde de Redondo Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.

1992 - Espaço Gallery, Oporto, Portugal.

1992 - Barata Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.

1990 - Alla Prima Gallery, Oporto, Portugal.

1989 - Bar-Restaurant Bohemia, Lisbon, Portugal.

1989 - Pousada Rainha Santa, Estremoz, Portugal.

1989 - Bararte Gallery, Arraiolos, Portugal.


2009 – “Surrounding Bull”, Vieira Portuense Gallery, Oporto, Portugal

2009 – Karpelles Manuscript Museum, Newburg, New York, USA

2009 - “1st International Art Action Istanbul 2009”, Dolmabahçe Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey.

2009 - “Luso-Galician Bridges”, Oporto’s Fenian Club, Oporto, Portugal.

2009 - “Cake Parade Portalegre 2009”, Portalegre, Portugal.

2009 – “Freedom and Art”, Mount Beacon Fine Art, New York, USA

2008 – “Premio Freud”, Sala esposizioni/Palazzo Comunale di Lavarone, Trento, Italy

2008 - Gallery Cafe Blikle, Czestochowa, Poland.

2008 - “ES – L’autorritratto Psicologico tra realtà e metafora”, Espazioeventi Mondadori, Venice, Italy

2008 - “Creadores”, Porta Nova Art Gallery, Ferrol (La Coruña), Spain

2008 - “3 Artists, 3 Continents, the same language” – Municipal Gallery, Barcelos, Portugal

2007 - 4th Sesimbra’s Great International Exhibition of Fine Arts, Sesimbra, Portugal.

2007 - "COELUM – Mostra Internazionale di Arte Contemporanea", Palazzo Cesi, Acquasparta, Italy.

2006 - Tabor Gallery, Czestochowa, Poland

2006 - 3rd Sesimbra’s Great International Exhibition of Fine Arts, Sesimbra, Portugal.

2005 - “BIRD 2005 International Art Award”, Beijing, China.

2004 - Nicolai Gallery, Lourinhã, Portugal.

2004 - « Embraced Surrealism », Cupertino de Miranda’s Foundation, Famalicão, Portugal.

2003 - Perdurabo Art at Old Fire Station, Chelmsford, England.

2003 - The Affordable Art Fair, London, England.

2003 - The Sheridan Russell Gallery, London, England

2003 - “4th International Biennale of Contemporary Art of Firenze”, Italy.

2002 - “Bouro terras d’arte”, Terras de Bouro, Portugal.

2001 - “Under the sky of Arrábida”, Setúbal, Portugal.

2000 - “FAC/00”, Lisbon, Portugal.

1999 - Almadarte Gallery, Costa de Caparica, Portugal.

1999 - “FAC/99”, Lisbon, Portugal.

1998 - “Art/98”, Lisbon, Portugal.

1998 - Sépia Gallery, Braga, Portugal.

1998 - “D’Art-98”, Vila Verde, Portugal.

1998 - Arte e Oficina Gallery, Setúbal, Portugal.

1997 - Acervo D’Arte Gallery, Setúbal, Portugal.

1996 - Altis Park Hotel Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.

1996 - Óptica Conde de Redondo Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.

1994 - Cineclube, Oporto, Portugal.

1994 - Barata Gallery, Lisbon, Potugal.

1993 - Almada Negreiros Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.

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1993 - Junta de Freguesia de Bonfim, Oporto, Portugal.

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1991 - Culturarte/91, Vila Viçosa, Portugal.

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1989 - Santa-Rita Pintor Gallery, Paços de Ferreira, Portugal