Larissa Britton

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The Milky Way, 11.05.2011 Acrylic On Canvas 42cm X 33cm © yes
Golden Autumn, 28.09.2011 Acrylic On Paper 40cm X 50cm © yes
Christmas window or Love, 07.01.2011 Acrylic On Canvas 40cm X 40cm © yes
Neptune, 05.03.2011 Mixed Media 50cm X 60cm © yes
Just a cat, 14.12.2010 Acryllic On Canvas 30cm X 30cm © yes
Twilight, 02.2010 Mixed Media On Cardboard 60cm X 40cm © yes
Venus, 05.07.2011 Mixed Media 40cm X 50cm © yes
The two and camelias, 26.01.09 Acrylic On Board 25cm X 45cm © yes
Camelias, April 2012 Print On Canvas 30cm X 40cm © yes
Fox, November 2011 Acrylic On Canvas 40cm X 50cm © yes
Hare, January 2012 Acrylic On Canvas 40cm X 40cm © yes
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modern, traditional, figurative, conceptual, exhibition/performance


   I really believe that all we need is Bliss... Who me?

Born in Leningrad (Russia), I have been living in the UK since 2003.

I finished Art School a long time ago, then I studied history
and literature at University. After moving to the UK I returned to painting in
2004, inspired by local nature and my own dreams. I’ve decided to come back.

come back to myself.

I am interested
in expressing my feeling through the medium of colour and I am also attracted
by different possibilities afforded by acrylic paints and mixed media.

My paintings reflect a world of dreams, where cosmic
and human reality intermingle, and the barriers between real and surreal world

When you look at my painting you will definitely notice  dominant bluish shades along with
bright sparkling dots of light.

Bluish shades are dominant as from my viewpoint; they have a mystical quality and spiritual sensitivity perceived by us (humans) at the emotional instinctive level.

Thus I think blue colour helps to make people more happy and to cure them physically and mentally.


The more I feel inspired by every day reality around me the more energy I get to create my imaginative painting.

For instance, I find it boring just to copy nature.

I prefer to add
something from my imagination.

So, what is my
painting about?

It is a symbolic painting where...

 'Venus' and 'Christmas window' symbolize bliss.

'Neptune', 'Milky Way', 'Twilight' symbolize perpetual motion and  'Golden Autumn' and
‘Fox' embody intuition.

 By the way, I exhibit Cosmos and landscape images together as I feel at home in the world,
and it more than takes care of me…





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