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Open Call for Photo Exhibtion

#‎FemalePhotographers‬ ‪#‎Artists‬ ‪#‎Activists‬ ‪#‎Storytellers‬ Worldwide Open Call for an important exhibition: ‪#‎WomenAsWitness‬ Curated by Zoraida Lopez Juried by Asmara Pelupessy and Berette Macaulay Submission Deadline: July 15th "An exhibition unveiling how women document resilience, resistance, and survival" Sept 1st - 30th, 2015, New York Details here: ‪#‎Art‬ ‪#‎Exhibition‬ ‪#‎Photography‬ ‪#‎Documentation‬ ‪#‎ArtsAsActivism‬ [more]
Posted by Berette Macaulay on 6/29/15

Confusion - PoeTograph on Film

Throwback to a time before digital images and social media, before smart phones with apps that put words on images, I used to write on my photography.  Not directly on the print, but on the film  or on glass overlays BEFORE I printed my work. #PoeTography - darkroom style.  Was just digging around and found this and was surprised anew by this work - to see how true it is that the more we change, the more we stay the same.  I dare myself to write on images now as it is new, when it really is an... [more]
Posted by Berette Macaulay on 5/15/15

Love Protest Poem: Critical Mass since 2011

On this last day of ‪#‎PoetryMonth‬, here's a throwback ‪#‎poem‬ I posted on the ‪#‎peelbackblog‬ about "2011" - a year of global awakening in matters too real to deny or reduce, so loud that worldwide protestors collectively earned the ‪#‎PersonoftheYear‬ title from TIME - remember that? It was a year of overwhelm and shock, but also a year of utter beauty because the rude awakenings and losses in every sphere of our lives (personal/social/financial/politcal/cultural/environmental) seemed to... [more]
Posted by Berette Macaulay on 4/30/15

Cocooning Catharsis (Wall Poem - HiQo Gallery)

  Fearful…heartbeat slowing to nil, Inside he weeps as life ebbs ever closer to the edge Kindred tears wash away his lines as the grey enshrouds his timeless coil Drowning now where there is nothing but the faintest of sound An eternity passes in a moment To the sound of wafting heat ascending from damp trees Then like a phoenix it emerges Wings flap to release dust of former decay And she riZes further to realise evergreen dreams Metamorphosis of Memory before duality... [more]
Posted by Berette Macaulay on 12/26/14

A Mythology of Memory

  Originally published in the Immigrant Issue | OF NOTE Magazine and then republished in the World Policy Journal (Arts Policy Nexus) 2014:       Aunt Gertrud Kretzchmar (Tante Trude). Beskyden, Czech Republic, 2009. © Berette Macaulay.       My understanding of the world is richly influenced by my mixed cultural background — I was born in Sierra Leone to my Sierra Leoneon father and multi-racial mother of Czech-German, Dominican-French-Creole, and Sierra Leoneon heritage. I was... [more]
Posted by Berette Macaulay on 11/4/14

Punjabi Stays

 Originally posted on Instagram as a @sebiart_walkingdiary snippet:     Let’s call it the ‘little-train-that-could’. An  Indian Food staple of NYC …so much so that a petition was drawn up to rescue it from ‘Death by Development’ that so many NYC mainstays fall prey to. This little canteen deli of vegetarian Punjabi food and sweets and Bollywood films is the best Indian you can find in the city…and certainly the cheapest. You stand in a narrow corridor, order 2-3 pickings depending on... [more]
Posted by Berette Macaulay on 9/14/14

Whimsical Reports from Different Ports

Short post shares from Tumblr and Instagram:   from Port Townsend Washington: Port Townsend was the most surprising, charming, and seductive places I’ve ever been. (Well ALL of Washington State really.)   It’s the kind of town you hear people speak of but never see. An old Victorian wonderland of unique independent vibrancy where everything is a stimulating image of overwhelming and comforting originality.  Curiosity here is real and reciprocal. ...   from Jamaica: Celebrate the Kola... [more]
Posted by Berette Macaulay on 4/4/14

Graffiti in Prague

Originally posted on Instagram as a @sebiart_walkingdiary snippet: Yes - I LOVE graffiti…and this site really got me good. The John Lennon Graffiti Wall in Prague - an enduring symbol of love and freedom of expression…Lenonism as it was referred to by protesting Czech students who clashed with Communist authorites in the 80s. Years of layers of tags prayers and poems live on this wall site now owned and protected by the Knights of Malta.  And visitors can write what they like. I sure... [more]
Posted by Berette Macaulay on 9/28/13

Ben Okri on Ayuba Suleiman Diallo: A Dialogue Across Time

Writing Prompt - Poetry Contribution (included on National Portrait Gallery site)   Enslaved by Ambiguity Through trees, over seas, shackled in bars and soft cotton, Running free and wrapped in history and responsibility heal your searching, guiding, stolen soul for those who will come after... ...what we wonder is what cannot be known, except to look on and into this mysterious acrylic lens of time, and rename you with living legacies that continue higher still... that of... [more]
Posted by Berette Macaulay on 9/13/13

The Spirit Dreams When You Look UP

Review and Photo Report of the 4th Anniversary performance of Fuerza Bruta in New York City. Originally published in 2011 (now out of circulation) with a series of images and video by Berette Macaulay.   The Spirit Dreams When You Look Up By Berette Macaulay You’ve heard of REM right? Rapid Eye Movement that happens during a particular phase of sleep, characterized by irregular breath, temperature, and heart rates (somewhat similar to waking hours), which results in vivid dreams,... [more]
Posted by Berette Macaulay on 12/17/11
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