Jason Shirriff

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"Aspirations" Anschel 3.2002

On the path to discovery sometimes we turn a corner, suddenly as if between breaths. That was the experience I had with aspirations. The drawing was a culmination in thought through several drawings that had built up over months. At the time I described the drawing as facades of buildings along a bloulevard in one of our cities. Competing forces and crossing paths resulted in the scene of facades draping off the faces of buildings. I was so inspired by this drawing that I named it "Aspirations"... [more]
Posted by Jason Shirriff on 8/16/09

the drawing tries to catch the essence of the original inpiriation

The drawing is not erased or changed as it is drawn. It does build on what has been drawn before such that the next line builds on the previous ones in a way that is not pre planned. [more]
Posted by Jason Shirriff on 6/10/09

I intend each drawing to be something that shows me somenthing I didnt expect something that I can learn from as an architect and as the artist

  IMAGE DESCRIPTION   Anschel 3, 2002   356 mm x 432 mm Paper, Image size is 243 mm x 348 mm   This drawing has façade like qualities. The parts seem to hang like on the face of a precipice. Individual structures intersect. Groupings of lines form different orders of magnitude. Different structures come together and forming relationships or intersections with other organizations.       Anschel 9, 2003   356 mm x 432 mm Paper, Image size is 263 mm x 325 mm   The cityscape viewed... [more]
Posted by Jason Shirriff on 6/10/09

Anschel 3.2006

This drawing really was about drawing something that was pleasing. There were also overlapping notions of the city morphology; the grid, roadway connections, freeway on-ramp layouts... arteries of the city. Here is the link: Look at "Anschel 3" gallery [more]
Posted by Jason Shirriff on 6/10/09

Hand drawn vision

The cityscape viewed at different perspectives would have a shifting quality when being captured in a single image. How can these views be woven together to form a cityscape? Bringing together the elements in the drawing touches on a certain sense of something familiar. The mind is able to marry the lines and surfaces into a familiar image.   [more]
Posted by Jason Shirriff on 2/11/09

permanent singular image

Gravity and density. images etched in ink by hand. Without machine. [more]
Posted by Jason Shirriff on 1/31/09
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