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#Tag portraits - transition 1 , 2018 Mixed Media On 250 Gr. Paper 32x 50 Cm © Riedstra
(©)Zapp Notes IIII , 2015 - 2018 O.I.Ink,Softpastel 100 X 70 Cm © Riedstra
(©)Zapp Notes II , 2015 - 2018 O.I.Ink,Softpastel 100 X 70 Cm © Riedstra
(©)Zapp Notes III, 2015 - 2018 O.I.Ink,Softpastel 100 X 70 Cm
(©)Zapp Notes VII , 2016 - 2018 O.I.Ink,Softpastel 100 X 70 Cm © . RIEDSTRA
(©)Zapp Notes V , 2016 - 2018 O.I.Ink, Softpastel, Gouache 100 X 70 Cm © Riedstra
(©)Zapp Notes VI , 2016 - 2018 O.I.Ink, Softpastel, Gouache © Riedstra
(©)'Sugar Paradise' , 2018 Mixed Media, Color Scrap 100 X 70 Cm © Riedstra
(©)'Or Waiting For Prince Charming', 2018 Mixed Media, Oilpaint On 300 Gr. Khadi Paper 100 X 70 Cm © Riedstra
(©)'Blue Velvet' , 2019 Mixed Media, Paint, Oilpaint On 350 Gr. Khadi Paper 100 X 70 Cm © Riedstra
(©) 'Sequiria' , 2018 Mixed Media, Image On 350 Gr. Khadi Paper 100 X 70 Cm © Riedstra
(©) 'Please Like Me' , 2018 Mixed Media On 350 Gr Khadi Paper 70 X 100 Cm © Riedstra
(©) 'Will You Play With Me' , 2018 Mixed Media, Paint On Canvas 90 X 100cm © Riedstra
(©)Silver Maple Ballroom Piece I Part I , 2017 Mixed Media On 350 Gr. Khadi Paper 100 X 70 Cm © Riedstra
(©)Silver Maple Ballroom Piece I Part II , 2017 Media On Indian Cotton Paper 100 X 70 Cm © Riedstra
Quick Facts
About Riedstra: A Working Process

Artist statement:

My work is inspired by the contemporary society we live in, in particular the estrangement that is apparent by certain behaviour, due to the rapid changes that is asked of people, required by the innovative technology.
I hope that my work intrigues and calls for questions, that I am happy to answer.
I choose the materials in order to innovate and develop my work, choosing unusual solutions in order to create a personal language.

Riedstra studied fine art in Tel Aviv and The Hague. At St. Martins in London she successfully did her M. A. in Scenography.  Concluding with a theatrical project in Sevilla, Spanje.

About Riedstra: A Working Process

In my opinion a work of art defines several things: Among others, an authentic interpretation by the artist, meaning: one can recognise the hand of the artist in the concept that underlies the work.
By giving it the necessary surplus the artist commits himself to research his project.
Searching again and again for new ways in himself, in order to express what he/she tries to communicate to him/herself and the public.
A work with a different kind of  beauty, confrontational, forcing the audience to think and to look again.
The last, to me, is important. This you could mark as the contemporaneous of an artwork the result and impact of my experiences show in my current work.

As for creative processes, they can’t be disconnected from experience; an artist needs these experiences in order to create art. But in the end I am back in my studio and have to create the next work with all the intense uncertainties that come along!




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