Scott Lewis

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Sasha the aerialist was concerned about Bing-Bong the Clown’s attention of Kira. Kira, who descended from a long line of animal trainers liked to tease and control her subjects. She was known for her agility with a bullwhip and her skill in getting a b Acrylic Gouache And Ink On Canvas 36" X 36"
My 10th grade math tutor had a serious set of braces. Wires, retainer, rubber bands: the works. I couldn’t understand a word she said. But it was obvious she was smart and she knew it. Pen And Ink 24" X 29"
Coney Island 1962 or 3 Gouache, Ink, Pencil ,Etc. 6" X 9"
This is Sasha... Detail
Jocelyn was smart enough to realize the value of Derrick’s stupidity and anger. And he dressed very well. If you are going to play with jerks, at least make it a well-dressed jerk... Acrylic Gouache, Ink On Canvas 22” X 28”
Troy's desire to impress the other members of the Fraternal Order of Augmentation Agents was as vibrant as ever... Gouache, Watercolor, Acrylic, Ink, Pencil, Etc. 23" X 36"
Dorthea was aced once again by Heidi. Heidi oozes confidence. No one else could have carried off the mask and glove combination with such panache. Without effort, her ability to captivate is amazing.... Acrylic Gouache And Ink On Canvas 31" X 31"
visitor to Shack d'Woo Woo Pen And Ink Detail From Larger Piece
Morgan..., 2013 Acrylic Gouache On Canvas 22" X 28"
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narrative., surrealism
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