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Abstract Art qualities

 Abstract Art qualities are taking the non visual aspects of an object and portraying that quality within the visual element of the painting. For example, 'emotions'. Emotions can't be seen but can be interpreted by the artist and therefore portrayed within the painting, this is seen as abstract.The meaning of Abstract art these days is more suited to that of Abstract Expressionism whereby an artist will express their creativity through a subconscious process, resulting in a painting that is... [more]
Posted by Adri Botha on 3/15/09

Adri Botha on Facebook

Hi there! You are more than welcome to join me on facebook and view more of my work. I have posted the link below to my "Artworks" album.  Please feel free to would be greatly appreciated.  If you are already on facebook and would like to add me as a friend, I would gladly accept, love to share and discuss art and business with you!  Thank you and Kind Regards! [more]
Posted by Adri Botha on 3/15/09