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Posted 7/3/15
How do you like your Eggs? Controversial. This may be the answer the Milwaukee Art Museum would give after its recent acquisition of by Nicki Johnson. Although, rather than a lush scooping of hollandaise drizzled over ham hock, this dish consists entirely of a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made from 17,000 colored condoms. Many Catholics, not being the biggest fans of responsible spunk containment, have thrown in that extra delicious garnish—controversy. Even possibly going for that ultimate... [more]
Tributes have been pouring in upon the announcement of the passing of Mary Ellen Mark (1940–2015), who died at home, aged 75, on Monday after suffering from myelodysplastic syndrome.  “She was so young at heart,” portrait photographer Martin Schoeller was quoted in as saying. “She was also the most courageous photographer, never taking no for an answer, always trying to achieve her vision at all costs.” Although her work carried across a broad canvas including portraiture, film stills, and... [more]
The record-breaking Picasso entitled on display after the auction. Photograph: UPI /Landov / Barcroft Media/UPI /Landov / Barcroft Media via The Guardian   A work by Pablo Picasso, the artist played by Anthony Hopkins in the 1996 film Surviving Picasso, has set a new world record as the most expensive artwork to be sold at auction in New York. Women Of Algiers (Version 0) is part of a range of works the painter created to look great in the foyers of big banks and hung above the marble... [more]
Comedy phallus graffiti: a long standing symbol of public indecency, raiser of many an adolescent smirk, and, applied in the right context, an act of deprecating terrorism. Sometimes, it might even be all three: imagine a heroic squadron of schoolboys plotting to pin a felt tip cock illustration on the back of a young David Cameron. Imagine the general gusto, the social pride and the giggles they must have experienced. Via Facebook One Manchester resident, known publicly by the simple tag... [more]
eading up to our "Brand" themed second issue of Editions, our new inbox magazine—which will be sent to ArtSlant subscribers this Thursday. Today, Paul Hanford asks whether selling out is outdated. Selling out. To some, it appears as a pious and fiery Martin Luther-style preacher, spitting out commandments into the bohemian mind, who, while scraping together enough bronze to buy milk and cigarettes, is comforted by the fact that although they may be starving, at least they haven’t sold out. For... [more]
Only in its eighth year, Record Store Day is already starting to feel as traditional as a Morris dancer at a folk festival. For me, the biggest attraction here is rooting through the limited edition vinyl released especially for the event. That sensory chemical nirvana triggered when thumbs flick through the racks, the way eyes dilate when they make contact with that sleeve... the one you’re going to take home with you. And as you lay on your bed, vinyl crackling away, you gaze across... [more]
“ without David Lynch is like a girl without a secret.” Sheryl Lee a.k.a Laura Palmer, begins the roll call of cast members from this most mythical of shows, voicing support for the return of their auteur. Lynch, who quit work on the returning show had this to say on Twitter:   After 1 year and 4 months of negotiations, I left because not enough money was offered to do the script the way I felt it needed to be done. — David Lynch (@DAVID_LYNCH) April 5, 2015   And so we face the... [more]
After looking at Berlin's best workspace cafes last month, I'm hit by the enormity of undertaking the same in London: to tackle such a gargantuan city as this, we ought to start with areas, and East London is the heartland of the freelancer. New places you can open up an Airbook over a gingham-laminated table and sip a Flat White pop up quicker than updates on a Twitter feed in this city. In fact we might already have more coffee shops per square mile than DJs. In a world of crispy-fried... [more]
You know who I'm talking about: sipping the dregs of an hour-cold flat white, hidden amidst a fortress of MacBooks and Moleskines, using a public cafe as their own personal workspace. Yeah, you've see them—you may even be one of them. And I confess to you: I too am one of those people. It wasn't always like this. I used to rent a studio space. It was cold, smelled of fish (from the market below) and the WiFi was more selective than the bouncers at Berghain. More and more often, I found myself... [more]
It’s been a fantastic 48 hours for Kanye haters. After (almost) gatecrashing Beck’s acceptance speech at The Grammys, Westie (as he affectionately lets me call him) claimed the award show disrespected artistry by not handing the Award to Beyoncé (again). Media shit storm. Highlights: posted a photo of hiphop’s Will and Kate: Jay Z and Beyoncé, looking “horrified.” In an open letter to Mr. West on her Facebook page, Shirley Manson from the 1990s asked for him to stop “grow up and stop... [more]
New Björk album. . Her ninth proper. Two main strands of conversation emerge in the public and media reaction: 1. Didn't she (and her team) deal with the whole album leak/rush release thing so much better than Madonna (and her team) did the other month? 2. It's a breakup album, isn't it? For an artist so adept at dealing with latest innovations in technology, it's perhaps interesting that the central lyrical theme of Vulnicura, chronicling her break-up with long term partner Matthew... [more]
So, I put a message on Facebook: where is good to hang in Islington? The responses are many and immediate, with more than one of my friends highly rating the cocktails served in 69 Colebrooke Row. In addition, I find out Akari is as good for sushi as Le Mercury is cheap and chearful. Then it hits me: what exactly do I know of this most intermediary of London areas? Regent's Canal, via Flickr user Nick Kenrick Yeah, there have been blurry nights dancing to Motown and New Wave in the... [more]
  Commerce has never drawn a line when it comes to exhuming the grim remains of our beloved heroes and now Kurt Cobain's suicide note now has found its way onto a T-shirt design, sold on eBay by a "Nuchyk" from Thailand.It goes without saying, if you were to walk around in public with the Tee, I probably would have you down as some sort of sociopath, but the Twitter eruption of outrage yesterday into a vault of condemnation points equally to the unnerving way we fetishize our icons.Last... [more]
To some, the relationship between art and pop is pretty negligent. It exists in the value of Kanye West's design collection (est. $946,708 net worth) or the newsworthy copy of Millie Brown vomiting over Lady Gaga, but symbiotically? Yeah, I hear the groans. "Pretentious!"—they exclaim towards the latest Bjork multi-platform app or "turn this fucking shit off" as I'm forced to remove the needle from Trout Mask Replica. To these people, the clever, meaningless lyrics of early Eno and Ferry are... [more]
As we come to the end of the two thousand and fourteenth official Western year, a year where hiphop families squabbled in lifts and everyone from your Facebook buddies to the President of the United States got soaked in icy water to the point of such ubiquity they've transcended what you are about to read... Wherever you were in the last 12 months, these things also these happened...   Hooker Leaves Calling Cards All Over the Internet Source: Mad Magazine Now that several years' of dust... [more]
I have a confession: I am a DJ. And during December, I leave my MNEK pre-releases at home. Instead, with a bulging bag of Wham and Wizard on my back, I cross the vomit-strewn streets of London to play to the drunk office Christmas parties that take place in one continuous month-long conveyer belt of mistletoe and tears. However, as we try to gauge whether to take the office punk's advice that Dead Kennedys most definitely will clear the dance floor, or to stick to our guns with a good old bit... [more]
"Why are young black men 20 times more likely to be shot by the police than young white men? Especially while only 13% of the US population is black?" These words are not from the pages of The Huffington Post, or the lips of Jon Stewart, but from a viral video released by MTV. It's been a long time since MTV's values seemed to reflect anything deeper than the interiors of the planet's richest and worst human beings, but in the video, the station's sex educator Laci Green makes what could be... [more]
In late October, a YouTube video for a hotel in Copenhagen went moderately viral—you may have seen it. Filmed using the glossy “people coming together” bank advert template, an orthodox voiceover man says things like “together we laugh at conformity” and “buzzing with authentic vibes” over footage of hipsters using their phones, visiting microbreweries, sitting in  cafes, and generally looking like they’re auditioning for an alt reboot of . As the soundtrack swells with post-Grizzly Bear piano... [more]
It has been announced that fans of Damien Hirst describe themselves as moody, love TV's Ross Kemp, and eat vegetarian bangers and mash, according to a remarkable new web app launched this week by internet pollsters YouGov. The app, which collates data from over 190,000 UK YouGov members has already kicked off a Twitter storm as people can find out for themselves what the most leftwing cheese is or the remarkable fact that if you like Tracey Emin, your third most likely favorite film is the... [more]
Following a radical departure into skiing at the Sochi Winter Olympics, mega-selling violinist Vanessa-Mae has been found guilty of another type of fiddle.  Finishing last out of 67 skiers and racing for Thailand as Vanessa Vanakorn, the FIS (International Ski Federation) announced this week it has banned the artist from competitive skiing for four years for race fixing. Their ruling states she only qualified for the Olympics after her results were manipulated at four races, organized at the... [more]
Ever had the feeling weapons technology would be better suited to making love, not war? Brooklyn film company Ghost + Cow have too, and have made the world's first porno filmed by drone.The most immediate thing that hits you about the trailer of is how picturesque it all is; military tech manages to capture gliding shots over San Franciscan beaches, orchards, and mountain vistas. Rutting couples are placed artfully around the natural canvas in a way that wouldn't look out of place in a Matthew... [more]
In an Italian restaurant on Broadway Market in East London a poster hangs in a nice, clean frame above the heads of diners. Centered squarely, slam in the middle of flag colors, mock-up parts of vintage Fiats, and a certain nostalgic tint of the chrome Rome of fashion and Fellini, this poster advertises the 2004 Mark Wahlberg American remake of , itself a remake of the extravagantly xenophobic anti-Italian original. Further deepening the fascinating role of cultural misappropriation in the... [more]
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