henk pasman

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Unique unique
Your your art looks original
Comment by: MAllen . on Tuesday 02/03/15 at 10:43 AM
Hello, Congratulations. Your work is quite stunning and evocative. Well done. -Philip
Comment by: PHILIP RINGLER on Wednesday 06/08/11 at 6:39 PM
Hi, Congratulations on winning the Juried the Second 2010 Showcase! I am looking forward to seeing more and more of your art in the coming months. Keep the creativity flowing All the Best! Cheers Seshadri
Comment by: Seshadri Sreenivasan on Monday 04/05/10 at 10:35 PM
Hello Henk, While going through the Showcase entries, I came across your digital artwork"other things in landscapes" and found it very interesting and unique. I visited your site and found your creations equally interesting.I do not qualify as a critic but I thought I would say a few words.You seem to transcend the undeniable limitations of the 2-D art. My compliments to you. I am basically a painter. I have entered my oil painting ‘Echo Of Eco” rendered in a colouristic abstract style. Please find time to visit my site and let me have your comment All the best .Seshadri
Comment by: Seshadri Sreenivasan on Saturday 06/20/09 at 5:07 AM
Love innerselve.Strong portfolio. Voted.
Comment by: Stefan. Fransson. on Tuesday 04/21/09 at 9:53 AM