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Penultimate Post

  Hello cyber world, I have taken a bit of a break from the blog to focus on finishing up my projects here in Paris. Sometimes its just good to push through to get to the place you need without over-thinking. As my residency is almost over, Id like to share with you the two projects I’ve completed here. If you’ve read previous posts you know that my time here was spent really thinking about the nature of cultural comparisons, “otherness,” and  social policy and the female body, among other... [more]
Posted by Sara Shaoul on 8/20/14

You do the math

Hello everyone! As I talked about in my last blog, based on my research I have been really focused on thinking about systems that encourage or discourage reproduction – economic, social, political. This week I have been trying out several different visual modes to express both the specificity of national attitudes and policies about motherhood and birth rates, as well as the randomness – we humans come into being, ignorant of, but because of these factors. Im focused today on the numbers –... [more]
Posted by Sara Shaoul on 8/4/14

Reproduction Medals

Greetings one and all! I’m almost halfway through my residency, and right on time, I’m really feeling themes emerge in my “research,” (which is less formal research and more a combinations of conversations, impressions and observations.) I’ve met some amazing women who’ve shared with me a wide range of their experiences. French women, Americans married to Frenchmen, Americans not married to Frenchmen, people who’ve been here for years, and those who’ve just arrived.  Talking to one person... [more]
Posted by Sara Shaoul on 7/28/14

Otherness and Apocalypse

Hello everyone! This past week I made it a mission to see Paris galleries before they close for the August holidays. I was happy to see a lot of emerging artists, as well as some more established ones whose work I know from New York. I went to quite a few places and didn’t make it to half the galleries on my list, so I have some more work to do this week! Amongst my favorites were some playful yet deeply ominous paintings of young men by Norbert Bisky at Galerie Daniel Templon (see below,) and... [more]
Posted by Sara Shaoul on 7/21/14

Varieties of Simulacra

Hello, again! Wow, the time passes fast! This week I’ve been drawing, cutting out and arranging text, and in general playing around with themes and visual elements. I’ve been thinking about how cultures absorb each other, whether uneasily or wholeheartedly. If I were to imagine a Venn diagram of French-American cultural absorption, the shape would be awkward and squiggly, with dramatically incomplete or partial overlaps. The phenomena that I’ve been tracking, the media onslaught of female... [more]
Posted by Sara Shaoul on 7/14/14

Viola, Sugimoto and "Bientot La Corde Au Cou"

Hello again! This week in Paris has been a busy one. On my way to the Palais de Tokio, I was sidetracked by the Bill Viola exhibit at the Grand Palais. Although I’ve read about his work before and I’ve seen bits and pieces, this is my first experience with a Viola retrospective, and I found it completely mesmerizing. While I’ve never been deeply moved by his work, this show was so well curated, or perhaps so effortlessly designed so as not to have palpable curatorial interruption, that I was... [more]
Posted by Sara Shaoul on 7/7/14


Hello one and all,  Welcome to my blog, my residency in Paris, and my ongoing project, described formally above in the very first blog post! I hope to share with you my process, my discoveries, my works in progress, and whatever seems interesting that I see or hear.  I hope very much that you'll chime in with ideas, opinions and thoughts in the comments area! As some of you know, I'll be here in Paris for two months, making art. The idea that got me here was one that I've been noticing and... [more]
Posted by Sara Shaoul on 6/30/14

Georgia Fee Artist | Writer Residency Summer 2014: Sara Shaoul

  The Project: My project takes as a starting point the growing presence in the middle class American consciousness of a structured binary relationship between the French woman and the American woman. Perhaps jump-started by the success of the best selling book , in 2004, magazine articles, books, blog posts, and other forms of popular media have increasingly positioned the French woman as a kind of “other” who has completely avoided the minefield of neuroses most American women are in some... [more]
Posted by Sara Shaoul on 6/21/14
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