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    I would like to begin by thanking Artslant, the jurors and everyone involved for such an amazing opportunity! I made some great friends and learned both valuable life and career lessons. Thank you very much for the lovely apartment and for believing in me as an artist and my work. It has been 10 days since my return from Paris and I  miss the cobblestone streets, the seine and the great weather. Montreal is super cold but spring is around the corner and only eleven days away! Ha!... [more]
Posted by Raheleh Saneie "Rah" on 3/10/14

Work in Progress

The editing is coming along great! I am just waiting for the music from a local Parisian musician named Mo Zimo. She is actually going to create a song just for the video! I am pretty excited to hear her sample.  I am trying to make the video a little more ambigious , its very didactic and needs some mystery. Technically, this piece is the most advance yet. I have used mulitple clips, changed the pitch, added many filters and transitions and even sampled some stock footage. I have really... [more]
Posted by Raheleh Saneie "Rah" on 2/14/14


  I am so very excited to announce that I am one of only five artists picked for FADO's "Emerging artists series: 11:45," that will be taking place at Xspace cultural centre in Toronto this March!! This durational performance is called "Ululation" and it will be my very first performance in Toronto!! Very excited! More info about the event coming soon! [more]
Posted by Raheleh Saneie "Rah" on 2/5/14

Work in Progress

    I haven't written much in this blog lately and that is because I have been working hard on my project. I have made a lot of changes from the rough draft. My critiques went pretty well and I received a lot of good feed back. Tomorow I will be shooting the final draft. I have the camera and lights and the set all ready to go! I am pretty excited but what is going to be the harder and more complex process is the editing. I am going to do a lot of video editing. Its going to be much more... [more]
Posted by Raheleh Saneie "Rah" on 2/2/14

Anti-Racism and White Feminism

  This morning I was having this very discussion with myself. I always had a hard time identifying with white feminism because I felt that they always spoke on the behalf of POC and rarely let us voice our concerns. People like Tim Wise, who is not a self identified feminist but is a white man and an anti-racist activist, is constantly speaking on behalf of POC. Why not let us do the talking and writing? If given the opportunity, our opinions because of our experiences with racism is much more... [more]
Posted by Raheleh Saneie "Rah" on 1/18/14

Fantastic Article by Gelare Khoshgozaran

  "These “politically correct” contemporary Iranian art savants are often superficially aware of the post-colonial discourse, although, unsurprisingly, treat it as passé or “last-century.” Their gracious inclusion of “insider” voices in the discourse for the sake of authenticity, however, fails to exempt them from the underlying neocolonial tendencies in their approach. Today, Iran has become both a real and virtual destination for art lovers, collectors, scholars, critics, curators and... [more]
Posted by Raheleh Saneie "Rah" on 1/18/14

12 Things You Should Never Say to an Artist. Huffington Post

  I will also add some to the list: "You studied art? What are you going to do with that?" "You are an artist? Do you paint?" I hear this one a lot! There are many mediums for expression, we are not limited to painting!  "So, to be an artist, what does that mean exactly?" "I don't get your work.  But good for you for doing what you love." [more]
Posted by Raheleh Saneie "Rah" on 1/16/14

Hijab and the Republic: Uncovering the French Headscarf Debate

  Am excellent book I have been reading about the politics surrounding the veil in France. This debate has a long hsitory in France and this book provides an indepth analysis of both the state and individuals' arguments in regards to veiling and unveiling. [more]
Posted by Raheleh Saneie "Rah" on 1/16/14

My Process

  I just wanted to take a moment and write about my project. I have been researching a lot and the script is going well. A big challenge for me is to write it using a language that is accessible. It is important that anyone who speaks English and from all walks of life can understand the message. I really want to reach a broad audience and not just those who specialize in race theory or feminist art.  The script  is pretty funny but its missing a few "punch lines." It still needs a lot of... [more]
Posted by Raheleh Saneie "Rah" on 1/10/14

John Berger, Ways of Seeing, 1972

  Part of my research for this upcoming project involves looking at how women have been represented historically and presently in visual culture. Sadly, not much has changed in five hundred years. In 1972, John Berger wrote the book "Ways of Seeing," and it may seem outdated, however,  one becomes witness to and finds many links about the treatment of the female body in both classic european paintings and images of woman in contemporary culture. The link I shared is for episode two but I would... [more]
Posted by Raheleh Saneie "Rah" on 1/9/14

Jean Kilbourne, Killing us Softly 4

  Jean Kilbourne is an American author, lecturer and filmmaker. Much like John Berger, Kilbourne critiques imagery. She started a film series with her 1979 film, "Killing Us Softly."  Kilbourne illustrates how advertisements and images in pop culture perpetuate an unrealistic and unattaibale ideal of beauty and feminity. Unlike Berger, Kilbourne does highlight the misrepresentation of women of colour in advertising. One part of her analysis that is crucial to race theory and discussion is the... [more]
Posted by Raheleh Saneie "Rah" on 1/9/14


  My interview with Lital Khaikan from Guerilla Art Magazine. Published December 2013.   t, Lightbox, 25x 40 inches.    From the Exhibit "Transformer: The Body Remixed" curated by Jason St- Laurent. Installatiion shots by Remi Theriault. Studio Assistant: Sasha Vreca           [more]
Posted by Raheleh Saneie "Rah" on 1/1/14

Dress up: Oriental Barbie

  was performed at the Williams College Museum of Art in Williamstown Massachusetts on November 21, 2013. For two hours, my character stood still and silent on a plinth while inviting spectators to play “dress up” with the body. On a nearby table, there were various accessories including scarves, makeup and brushes, and a blonde wig. On a garment rack there were traditional Iranian clothes, a chador and casual wear. I allowed the viewer to have full access to the body and complete control of... [more]
Posted by Raheleh Saneie "Rah" on 12/29/13