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Of Nations, Creations and Collaborations: in The Citizen

A Citizen’s Art: Of Nations, Creations and Collaborations in Article Link: Drops of sunshine have begun to trickle again, incredible bouts of time and art have encompassed us into days of spring. The streets seem to expand, bursts of movement in whirlwind lines, as you stop and stare at bizarre, rare and heart, how it proclaims the daylight of today, capturing itself into lens of blue and grey, sudden scent of... [more]
Posted by Sarah Ahmad on 3/21/14

A Citizen's Art: Anger, Anguish, Anxiety in Art, in THE CITIZEN

As Published in THE CITIZEN, an Independent Online Daily, in February 2014, Link: The year has begun with hope and frenzy, a sense in the air that whimsical theories and roadside revolutions could make their abode in India’s civility, yet there is the smell of hatred and a past of tormenting times, polished into everyday words of people’s lives. Many voices are fading out in this gloomy mist of deception yet a few are... [more]
Posted by Sarah Ahmad on 2/16/14

A General Outline Of A To And Fro

Published in Tribe Magazine, ISSUE 25, January 2014, Pages 31-32 Link to ISSUE 25: Direct Link to the ARTICLE: She described the foreground as busy traces of people and suitcases, trolleys and counters. There she stood in front of this story, of so many people, unknown yet woven together by a single purpose- travelling; the city had immersed itself into this roof and tiled space of bounty... [more]
Posted by Sarah Ahmad on 1/28/14

A Citizen's Art in THE CITIZEN

  Unedited Version of 'The Citizen's Art'  published in THE CITIZEN, can be read as part of this blog. Edited version Published on 28th January 2014, Link A few spells of rain, cloudy days and a nightly fog, colour coded post boxes, a fire hose and colourfully printed street parks, half torn posters of yesterday’s revolution, scarce street lit nights, yellow bound taxis, plywood herds on rickshaws, dots of black and gold of art on trucks, wet... [more]
Posted by Sarah Ahmad on 1/28/14

Two Worlds Apart: A Tale Of Avant- Garde And Realism

  Published in Tribe Magazine:, Issue 23, November 2013, Pages 51-55 Direct link to the article: Link to the Issue: She lay on a round bed, of salt, sand and twigs, woke up at night time to start her day, walked down a rope of plastic and bamboo to get to her studio, a quarter of a mile back in the alley way, and just before she left to... [more]
Posted by Sarah Ahmad on 11/28/13

Prints And Patterns Of Everyday Life

  Published in Tribe Magazine (,  Issue 20, August 2013, Pages 84-89 Link to the ISSUE:  Direct Link to the Article: Childhood: As a child birthdays meant colourful streamers from one end of the wall to the other, twisted and crossing colours of blue, red and yellow, memories of freshly decorated chocolate cakes and bow tied frocks.... [more]
Posted by Sarah Ahmad on 8/28/13

The Monsoon Edition

  Published in Tribe Magazine, Issue 19, July 2013, Pages 80-89 Link to ISSUE 19: Direct Link to ARTICLE: It is precisely thirty minutes past twelve in the afternoon on a Wednesday in the humid midst of a twenty first century July day. Sounds of a constant hammer, of a driller, which sometimes stops to rest, a growling plane between a cloudy day... [more]
Posted by Sarah Ahmad on 7/28/13

Design Diary: Five days of design

Issue 18, June 2013, Pages 48-59 Link to ISSUE 18: Direct Link to ARTICLE:  What makes a space, what makes a living, what sprays and what wobbles, slides and turns, what runs and stops, bumps into another, does it smell, does it wash, does it support, does it flip, and flop, folds, stacks and rises, is brown, is grainy, is transparent and blue, is lighted, is muted, what stores things, collects... [more]
Posted by Sarah Ahmad on 6/28/13

The Art in Small Things

  Published in Tribe Gazette at in May 2013 Web link: Gopal: his half baked pots, a potter’s wheel, knives and wet clay fingers, a story he often speaks of, a charpoy he often sits on. The charpoy, on a sun laden day, light clouds, a future of drips of wetness, and respite from a sultry afternoon. They say that those are stratocumulus clouds, a little drizzle they would fly away,... [more]
Posted by Sarah Ahmad on 5/5/13

Thoughts of art and time travel

  Published in Tribe Magazine, UK, Issue: 16, April 2013, Pages: 44-49 Link to ISSUE 16: Direct Link to the ARTICLE:  About a hundred and twenty years ago someone had just hurriedly laid his bed, dusted a table of dry white crumbs, mounted a white canvas, wet his brush and lathered it with paint, squished onto a grainy wooden plate. The sun drenched wheat... [more]
Posted by Sarah Ahmad on 4/1/13

Eclectic Charms, Published in Casaviva

  Casaviva, India, December 2010 Issue Fashion Designer Urvashi Kaur’s House, Delhi (India)   A story often resides within walls of a house, stories brought back from a holiday, hand knitted blankets, painted canvas art, memories of inspirational design, of people and their lifestyles, left behind and brought together within ideas and opinions to build a living that goes beyond just mud, clay and brick. This December we narrate to you Fashion Designer Urvashi Kaur’s eclectic story, a Delhi... [more]
Posted by Sarah Ahmad on 12/1/10

Art Theatres in Delhi etc.: Livingetc.

Published in October 2009 in Livingetc. Kamani Auditorium:   If you are in the centre of Delhi, theatres like the Kamani, located at Copernicus Marg will find you the drama, and intrigue you with a history of its art and culture.   Claim to fame: Breeding creativity in the heart of Delhi the Kamani Auditorium adds to the cultural scene of the capital city. It was inaugurated on the 22nd of August 1971 by then President of India Sh. V.V. Giri and occupies a vast area with an auditorium... [more]
Posted by Sarah Ahmad on 10/1/09
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