Adriana Poterash

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Stoned Skies © adrianapoterash
Stoned Sky #3, 2015 Digital 20" X 20" © adrianapoterash2015
OnionHead 11"X14" © adrianapoterash
The Icon of Dennis, 2012 Mixed 14" X 14" Board © 2012AdrianaPoterash
Angels of East Ukraine. Gorlovka., 2017 Oil On Board 18"X24"X1" © adrianapoterash2017
Angels of East Ukraine. Lugansk., 2017 Oil On Board 18"X24"X1" © adrianapoterash2017
Expectations 11"X14" © adrianapoterash
Portrait #1, 10/2011 Phototransfer Collagr, Paper Pulp, Oil 18"X24"X2" © adrianapoterash
Portrait #2, october 2011 Phototransfer 11"X14" © ©AdrianaPoterash
4 Archangels Flying, september 2011 Il, Phototransfer, Golf Foil 14"X11"X3/4" © ©AdrianaPoterash
Gravity 1, march 2012 Oil, Phototransfer On Board 6"X6" © ©AdrianaPoterash
Gravity 2, march 2012 Oil, Phototransfer On Board 6"X6" © ©AdrianaPoterash
Striding Men, november 2011 Phototransfer, Acrylic, Ink Pen On Board 8"X10"X3/4" © ©AdrianaPoterash
Road #2, Wisconsin HWY 21 ( Rural Landscapes), 2015 Digital, New Media 16" X 12" X 2" © AdrianaPoterash2015
Religiousness Collage 18"X24" © adrianapoterash
Ram - the God of War ( Pagan series), october 2011 Oil, Phototransfer, Wool, Gold Foil 12"X16"X3/4" © ©AdrianaPoterash
Jump, november 2011 Plaster Paste, Phototransfer, Silver Foil On Board 18"X24"X3/4" © ©AdrianaPoterash
The Siege, 2012 Mixed 16" X 20" © AdrianaPoterash
Spring (detail), March 2012 Oil, Phototransfer On Board 36" X 36" X 1.5" © ©2012AdrianaPoterash
Spring (destinations), march 2012 Phototransfer On Board 36"X36"X1.5" © ©2012AdrianaPoterash
Arctic H2O, March 2012 Oil, Carved Wood, Phototransfer On Board 36" X 36" 1.5' © ©2012AdrianaPoterash
Eclipse (detail 1), march 2012 Oil, Collage On Board 36" X 36" X 1.5" © ©2012AdrianaPoterash
At the Core We are All as One, 2017 New Media 20" X 20" X 1.5" © adrrianpoterash2017
1791, 2015
1792, 2016
1793, 2016 Digital 16" X 20" © ©AdrianaPoterash
Dancers 4, 2010 Monoprint, H2 Ocolor, Gold Leaf On Paper 22"X29" © ©2010AdrianaPoterash
Dancers 2, 2010 Monoprint, H2 Ocolors On Paper 22"X29" © ©2010AdrianaPoterash
Father, Help Us (Biblical Stories: Sarah & Hagar) Print © adrianapoterash
Echo, 2017 Monoprint 12"X12" © adrianapoterash
Quick Facts
Bucharest, Romania
Lives in
Chicago, IL
Works in
Chicago, IL
figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, conceptual, landscape, surrealism, modern, photography, digital, street, Illustration, photo

The daily images of objects, people, events are fused into surreal world of uncommon alliances.
Abstractions or figurative approaches, traditional technique or new media and materials are all intertwined to deliver a clear visual impulse of thought or sentiment.
Creating a space where time looses its chronology, view warps into a distorted perspectives, images collapse and deteriorate revealing layers of hidden images underneath. Where one group of objects masques another.
Collapsed into new structures and unexpected unions, they give an unpredictable and strong and clear message.
The closer you look - the more you find; as if being drawn into another reality.


2008-2012     The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA (Studio Arts)
2006-2008     Harper College, AFA, CCGD, CFD, Palatine, IL
1980-1983     UIC, BS (Chemistry), Minor in Art & French, Chicago, IL

Additional Studies

Summer 2011      Study Abroad at The International School of Painting, Italy
Summer 2006      Study Abroad, Paris, France
Sum/Fall 1978     St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia


2018     Venice Biennale of the Nations, Misericordia, Venice, Italy

2018     From the Real to the Surreal, Fulton Street Collective, Chicago, IL

2018     EvanstonMade, Artist Studio Tour, Evanston, IL

2018     My Secret Evanston, KukurekuArt, Evanston, IL

2018     Culture Bridge, DANK Haus gallery, Chicago, IL

2018     February Show, Gallery 1070, Chicago, IL

2017     ArtExpoMiami, Miami, FL

2017     Deconstructing Barriers, Noyes Art Center, Evanston, IL

2017     Women and Anger: Resistance, Power and Inspiration, Koehnline Museum of Art, Des Plaines, IL

2017     Far From Frontlines, EAC, Evanston, IL

2017     Nasty Women, Evanston, IL

2017     Evanston Made, Evanston, IL

2017     ArtExpoNY, New York

2016     Paris Louvre Expo, Paris, France

2016     Winner of 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th ArtSlant Showcase Contests

2016     Make the Noyse, NAC, Evanston, IL

2016     “The Abstract Show IV”, Brickton Art Center, Park Ridge

2016     “Evanston Made”, Evanston Art Center, Evanston

2016     Spring Gala, Women Made Gallery, Chicago

2016     International Prize Canalletto, Villa Valier,  Italy

2016     Biennale Riviera del Brenta, Mira, Italy

2016     One in Herself. Woman Made Gallery, Chicago

2016     International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci – Universal Artist, Florence, Italy

2015     Winter Salon of Contemporary Art ( 2nd Prize in Painting), Strasbourg, France

2015     Made in Evanston, Noyes Art Center, Evanston, IL

2015     MCG Open Studio, Evanston, IL                                                                        

2015     Winner of 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th ArtSlant Showcase

2014     MCG Open Studio, Evanston, IL
2014     Winner of 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th ArtSlant Showcase
2013      Metropolis, The Institute, Chicago
2013      MCG Open Studio, Evanston, IL
2013      Fame, Expansion Gallery, Chicago
2013      Memory, Expansion Gallery, Chicago        
2013      Winner of 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th ArtSlant Showcase
2012      Group show, Intelligentsia (Cultural District), Chicago
2012      Spring BFA Exhibition, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago
2012      MODULAR22, 22 Gallery, Berwyn, IL
2011      The International School of Painting, Sculpture & Drawing, Italy
2011      The Paranormal, Hostelling-International, Chicago

2010      Fashion 2010, fashion show, SAIC, The Modern Wing, The Art Institute of Chicago       
2009      Base Space Gallery exhibit, SAIC, Chicago
2008      Base Space Gallery exhibit, SAIC, Chicago
2006      NCECA show, Pittsburgh
2005      En-Plein-Air, The Historical Museum, Arlington Heights
2004      Wisconsin Regional Art Program exhibit, Wautoma, WI




2018      The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists of 2018, Ass. Socio Culturale EA Effetto Arte, Palermo, Italy

2018       Aesthetica Magazine (April-May edition), London, UK

2018       Masterful Moxie: The Power of Art, Culture Bridge, DANK Haus Gallery Publication, Chicago, IL

2017      “Far From the Front Lines: Artistic Dialog Beyond Borders”, Dorit Jordan Dotan, MagCloud

2017      Featured Artist, ArtSlant 7th Showcase, ArtSlant

2016      Gran Prix Louvre Video Esposition, Louvre, Paris, France

2016     “The XXI century Art Book”, the International catalog, Italy

2016      Art International Contemporary Magazine, Mar/Apr 2016, Italy

2016      Art International Contemporary (Jan-Feb), Italy

2016      Canaletto Prize Art Catalog, Italy

2016      Biennale Riviera del Brenta Art Catalog, Italy

2016      Aesthetica Magazine, UK

2015      Aesthetica Magazine, UK

2015      GQ British, September issue, Wonderwall!!! Picture Perfect... 

2015      Chicago Tribune, June o4, Chicago, IL

2014      Glamour British, November issue, Glamour's Gallery                           
2014      GQ British, September issue, Wonderwall!!! Picture Perfect...

2014      Berlin Special Edition, ArtSlant Inc.

2014      ARTSlant Catalog Edition, ArtSlant Inc.

2014      Collectors Catalogue Special Edition, ArtSlant Inc.

2014      Art LA Special Edition, ArtSlant Inc.

2013      Frieze Special Edition, ArtSlant Inc. 

2013      Venice Biennale Fair Special Edition, ArtSlant Inc.

2011      The Green Lake County News, Green Lake, WI

2010      ChicagoNow, Chicago Tribune blog, “The Walk 2010”
2009      The Waushara Argus newspaper, Wautoma, WI

2008      The Pioneer Group of Web Designers for Harper College catalog, Harper College

2008      The Fashion Show (winner of graphic design for the show), Harper College, IL          

2007      The Point of View (winner of 40th Anniversary cover), Harper College, Palatine, IL
2004      The Waushara Argus newspaper, Wautoma, WI


Honors & Awards

The Best Modern & Contemporary Artists of 2018,  EA/SS Publication, Palermo, Italy

“Shakespeare In Art award”, Verona, ItalyThe International Prize Canaletto - Artistic Career Award, Villa Valier, Italy, 2016

Canaletto Prize – Artistic Career Award, Mira, Venice, Italy, 2016

The Universal Artists Award, International Prize Leonardo Da Vinci, Florence, Italy,  2016

2nd Prize in Painting, Winter Salon International Exhibit of Modern Art, Strasbourg, France, 2015

The Presidential Merit Scholarship, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2008-2012

Summa Cum Laude,  Harper College

Women in Art Scholarship, Harper College, 2007

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, Harper College, 2005-2008