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My Mother's Heart
The Night My Father Split in Half
Kitchen Table
Dad's Desperate Descent
The Animal
The Glowing Ember
Taping Accuracy
The Boy in the Zorro Mask
Pressing Childhood Eyes
The Closed Cigar Box
Smiles Frowns and Tears
The Sun Rose
Emergency Room White
Laid to Rest
Flying Across the Globe
Quick Facts
University of California,Santa Cruz, 1982, GradCert
DuCret School of Art, 1975
University of California, Santa Cruz, 1981, BA
Representing galleries
Greenkill, Kingston, NY AOT, Williamsburg, NY
Utilizes an intuitive approach that allows the figure to emerge from the process., figurative





Review of Woodstock Exhibition "Spillage"

by James Bradley McCallum

August 7 to September 7, 2012

The Pizza Gallery at Catskill Mountain Pizza Company, Woodstock, NY!/2012/08/pouring-forth-new-meaning-fred-duignan.html



I am a painter.

After many years of harnessing technique, pursuing picturing, following trends and restating history, I now avoid making art that is burdened by technique, overwhelmed by thought, or crushed by style. The resulting objects of my latest direction titled SPILLS become, reveal, inform and decide their place in the world’s view. Painting has become an experience based on the belief in my hand as a channel of the expression hidden in the materials themselves. It is the resultant dialogue with color and form where my originality still resides. The uniqueness of the object as itself fully revealed presents the viewer with a complex visual experience resulting in direct recognition.

Fred Duignan



3Twenty9, Green Kill, Kingston, NY 5/18

Dancing in the Square.  Mothership, Woodstock, NY 1/16 (curated by Paul McMahon)

Dancing in the Square.  AOT Project Salon, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 10/15

Fred Duignan.   The Uptown Gallery,  Kingston, NY 6, 7,8/13

Fred Duignan.   Oriole9,  Woodstock, NY 10/12 (curated by Lenny Kislin)

Spills.   The Pizza Gallery,  Woodstock, NY 8/12

Fred Duignan – New Paintings.   Varga Gallery,  Woodstock, NY 6/11

Death and Decay.   The Art Center Museum.  Seoul, Korea 10/93

Fred Duignan.   The Paterson Museum.  Paterson, NJ 2/92

New Work.   Fashion Moda.  Bronx, NY 8/88

Death Paintings.   Fashion Moda.  Bronx, NY 9/87 (curated by Stefan Eins)

So Far.   Fairleigh Dickinson University,  Rutherford, NJ 10/83

Work on Paper.   Steven’s Art Center,  Rutherford, NJ 4/83



AOT Group Exhibition. AOT Project Salon, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY Summer '15

Witness: The Cedar Tavern Phone Booth & Star House Gallery Group Show.                 Star House Gallery, Kingston, NY  10/14

Contributing Participant in Guitai Card Box (2012-2013),  exhibited at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

The 5 Senses.   Art Upstairs Gallery,  Phoenicia, NY 2/11

Random Thoughts.  Art Upstairs Gallery,  Phoenicia, NY 2/10

Hustle & Flow – Paintings by Fred Duignan & Jim Klein.   The Paterson Museum,  Paterson, NJ 10/08

EV/LES – An East Village Retrospective.   The Varga Gallery,  Woodstock, NY 9/08

Clamour & Silence.   The Laurel Tracey Gallery,  Red Bank, NJ 10/99

Eclectic Selections.   The Paterson Museum, Paterson, NJ   Summer 1999


Career Note: Between 1993 and 2002, I abbreviated my career to raise my son as a single father.


Bridging Gaps.   Asian American Arts Centre,  NY, NY 3/93

Beast to Beast.   10th Street Gallery,  NY, NY 10/92 (curated by Gary Azon)

Holiday Show.   Blondies Contemporary Art, NY, NY 12/1090

In Honor of Mary: Images of Devotion.   Bill Bace Gallery,  NY, NY 5/90

Beautiful Mosaic.   Black & White in Color Gallery,  Bronx,  NY 3/90 (Collaborative Projects)

The Topical Rainforest.   Sundered Ground,  NY, NY 11/89 (curated by Robert Costa)

China for Democracy.   Blum Hellman Gallery,  NY, NY 10/89

The Gong Show.   RealArt Inc,  NY, NY 7/89 (curated by Charlie Finch)

The Manhattan Project Show.   Art-Act,  Miami Beach,  FL 5/89 (Fusion Arts)

Art on the Run.   Grace Harkin Gallery,   NY, NY 3/89

MU Ryu.   Arts Center Helsinki,  Finland 8/89 (Collaborative Projects)

Group Rage.   Rage Club, NY, NY 8/89

Prisoners of Art.   Police Building,   NY, NY 3/89 (Collaborative Projects)

The Christmas Show.   Grace Harkin Gallery,   NY, NY 12/88

The Attack Show.   Stockwell Gallery,   NY, NY 9/88

The Extinction Show.   Fashion Moda,   Bronx, NY 9/88 (Collaborative Projects)

Downtown OZ 1988.   Tunnel, NY, NY 9/88

Jagged Edge.   Art-Act,   Miami Beach, FL 3/88

Neo Fun - Controversy Club.   Limelight, NY, NY 3/88

Best of the East Village Comes to Long Island.   Nassau County Fine Arts Museum,  Roslyn, NY 11/87

December.   Nite Gallery,  NY, NY 12/87

The Polarity Show.   Cuando,  NY, NY 11/87

The Cutting Edge in New York.   The Paterson Museum,  Paterson, NJ 10/87-12/87   

(traveled)   Dramatis Personnae Gallery,  NY, NY 12/87

Meta Languages/Textual Venues.   B.A.D. Museum,  NY, NY 10/87 (curated by Lucy Lippard)

New Perspectives in Modern Art. The Paterson Museum, Paterson, NJ 7/87-9/87

Art Break Hotel.   ABC No Rio,  NY, NY 4/87 (Collaborative Projects)

The Shadow Prtoject (with Alan Gussow).  The Streets of Manhattan, 1982



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Eclectic Selections: Art in Paterson at the End of the 20th Century,   The Paterson Museum Summer 1999

Fred Duignan,   Art Center Museum,  Seoul, Korea  10/93

FredDuignan,   The Paterson Museum 2/92

In Honor of Mary:  Images of Devotion,   Bill Bace Gallery,  NY, NY   5/90

The Best of the East Village Comes to Long Island,   Nassau County Museum of Fine Art 11/87

The Cutting Edge Show,   The Paterson Museum,  Paterson, NJ

New Perspectives in Modern Art,   The Paterson Museum,  Paterson, NJ

Neon Shapes,   (haiku by R. W. Grandinetti Rader),  Illustrated by Fred Duignan

Jade Mountain Press 9/85 (winner Merit Book Award 10/87)



Jon Peters,   The Paterson Museum.  September 1997  

Humberto Guanipa,   The Paterson Museum.   March 1997

Joseph Ruffilo,   The Paterson Museum.  September 1995

Women on The Verge,  The Paterson Museum.  May 1995 

Korean Sculpture ‘94,   Art from Seoul, Korea, The Paterson Museum.  Summer 1994

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Hellhole, (Paterson / East Village Art Collaboration) Guest Curator - The Paterson Museum,  April 1987



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Public Sculpture at the Whitney, Whitney Museum.  Cover 2/88

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The Art Center Museum.  Seoul, Korea (Painting)

The Paterson Museum.  Paterson, NJ (Painting)

Paco Das Artes.  Sao Paulo, Brazil (Fusion Arts Book)

Museu Da Imagen E Do Som.  Sao Paulo, Brazil (Fusion Arts Book)

Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York (Fusion Arts Book)

Guggenheim Museum, New York, New York (Fusion Arts Book)

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, New York (Fusion Arts Book)



The University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California

Teaching Assistantship / Graduate Certificate 1982

Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art 1981

DuCret School of Art, Plainfield, New Jersey



Archetecture of Tomorrow, (Board of Directors), Brooklyn, NY - Present

Collaborative Projects (COLAB), NY, NY - 1986-1993

Fusion Arts, NY, NY 1987 - 1992

Essex-Phoenix Artists Association (Executive Director), Paterson, NJ - 1986-1988



COVER, (Magazine)  New York, NY.   Staff Art Critic. 1988 - 1990

The Paterson Museum, Paterson, NJ.  Curator of Contemporary Art. 1992 - 1997

The New Jersey Herald and News, West Paterson, NJ.   Weekly Columnist.   “Art in New Jersey” 1997