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The “Pet Bubble” Book, NA Mixed Media And Pen And Ink Collage, 30 X 40 © Yes
Psychological Machines: The Fundamentals of Organized Religion, NA Oil Paint On Canvas, 60 X 30 © yes
Psychological Machines: Christendom in Deconstruction, NA Mixed Media And Pen And Ink Collage On Paper. 30 X 40 © yes
Psychological Machines: Antejentacular Glossolalia for an Unbidden Interloper, NA Oil Paint On Canvas, 35 X 42 © yes
Andy Warhol Dead At 58, NA Mixed Media Collage On Paper, 40 X 30 © yes
Psychological Machines: Thanatological Tractate-James Griggs, 1949-1993, 1995 Oil Paint On Canvas, 36 X 48 © yes
Minimal Pulsation for Phillip Glass, NA Sculpture: Welded Steel And Aluminum, Acrylic Paint, Porcelain Paint And Other Mixed Media On Broken Antique Metronome, 18 Inches Tall © yes
Psychological Machines: The Enigma of Human Intelligence, NA Pen And Ink Collage On Paper, 40 X 30 © yes
Psychological Machines: Ticket for Thawing Harlequin, NA Oil Paint On Canvas 36 X 48 © Yes
Gilda Toast: The Fear of Plague, NA Mixed Media And Pen And Ink Collage On Paper 30 X 40 © yes
The Disillusionment of Andy Warhol, NA Bas Relief, Sculpture/Collage, Mixed Media, On Wooden Plank. 10 X 44 © Yes
Psychological Machines: Wordless Vocals Oil On Canvas 16 X 20 © yes
Psychological Machines: Gilda Toast- The Pan Sexual Incinerator Pen And Ink, Mixed Media Collage On Paper, 54 X 39 © yes
Psychological Machines: The Vicar of Bray Oil On Canvas 17 X 22 © Yes
Psychological Machines: Resplendent Towers Oil On Canvas, 36 X 59 © yes
Psychological Machines: (All the Sexes) A Study of Masculinity and Femininity Oil On Canvas, 48 In X 36 In © yes
Psychological Machines: Alice in Wonderland— After Tea Mixed Media Sculpture, Plaster, Terracotta Flowerpot, False Teeth, Metal Shards, Glass Shards, Razor Blades, Custom Jewelry, Industrial Thermometers, Found Objects, Acrylic And Oil Paint, 19 Inches High, 14 Inches Round © yes
The Last Birthday: Thanatological Tractate- James Griggs, 1949-1993, INA Oil On Canvas 17in. X 22in. © yes
Psychological Machines: American Romance Oil On Canvas, 35in. X 42in. © yes
Psychological Machines: The Idolater in Prayer India Ink, Acrylic Ink, And Paint On Paper, 30in. X 40in. © Yes
Unpleasant Rain, 2011 Oil On Canvas 24in. X 30in.C © yes
Psychological Machines: The Disambiguation of Joan Crawford Mixed Media Collage On Paper, 15 In. Wide X 23 In. Long © yes
Psychological Machines: American Crisis Mixed Media Collage On Paper 15 In. Wide X 23 In. Long © yes
Psychological Machines: A Portrait of Joan Crawford Mixed Media Collage On Paper 15 In. Wide X 23 In. Long
The Georgia O'Keeffe Homage Oil Painting On Canvas 24 In. Long X 22 In. Wide
Untitled Mixed Media On Canvas (Spray Paint, Collage, Pen And Ink, Graphite, Other). 25 In Long X 20 In Wide
Psychological Machines: Joan Crawford- Lustre-Creme Shampoo Mixed Media Collage On Paper, 15 In. Wide X 23 In. Long
Psychological Machines: Double Queen Mixed Media Collage On Paper With Fake Jewelry © yes
Untiteld Mixed Media Collage On Paper And Drawing On Paper 15 In. Wide X 23 In. Long © yes
Psychological Machines: The Marilyn Monroe Disambiguation, Today and Tomorrow Mixed Media Collage On Paper 20 In Long X 23 In Wide © yes
Psychological Machines: Mayor Eddie Koch- Dark Closet Mixed Media Collage On Paper, 15 In. Wide X 23 In. Long
Psychological Machines: The Disambiguation of Ronald Reagan (out of collection) Mixed Media Collage On Paper 15 In. Wide X 23 In. Long © Removed from collection (sold)
Psychological Machines: American Parasite/Collage , Work on hold/open for sale Mixed Media Collage On Paper 15 In. Wide X 23 In. Long
Untiteld Mixed Media Collage On Canvas 18 In. Wide X 23 In. Long © yes
The Love Grinder Oil Painting On Canvas, 35 In. Wide X 45 In. Long
Psychological Machines: The Fear Monger Mixed Media Collage On Paper Charcoal, Acrylic Ink, Graphite, Xerox Images On Heavy Paper, 20 In. Wide X 29 In. Long
Doll #01 Plaster Paris, Acrylic Paint, Glue, Rags, Laboratory Holding Claws, Metal Skeleton, 14 In. High X 5 In. Wide. © Yes
Doll #02 Plaster Paris, Rags, Concrete, Acrylic Ink, Acrylic Paint, Glue, India Ink, 11 In. High X 8 Inches Wide
Psychological Machines: Pope! Oil Painting On Canvas 15 In. Wide X 23 In. Long
Psychological Machines: Joan Crawford Dead at 69 Mixed Media Collage On Cardboard, 20 Inches Wide X 30 Inches Long
Man Made Mixed Media Collage On Aluminum Sheet, 18 Inches Wide X 31 Inches Long © yes
Psychological Machines: The Homophobic Woman Oil Painting On Canvas, 36 Inches Wide X 48 Inches Long © yes
Blue Doll Head on Wood Block Oil Painting On Canvas 12 Inches Wide X 12 Inches Long © yes
Psychological Machines: The Mawworm (Hypocrite) 02 Oil Painting On Canvas 24 Inches Wide X 38 Inches Long © yes
The Picasso Collage Acrylic Paint / Collage On Canvas 25 Inches Wide X 37 Inches Long © y
Untitled Mixed Media Collage On Paper 26 Inches Wide X 18 Inches Long © y
Psychological Machines: 1% Disambiguation- STOP Charcoal, Graphite, India Ink, Acrylic Spray Paint On Paper 20 Inches Wide X 30 Inches Long © y
Psychological Machines: Double Queens Mixed Media Collage On Paper 15 In. Wide X 23 In. Long © Yes
Psychological Machines: Newtown/Lanza- American Diatribe Mixed Media Collage On Paper 15 In. Wide X 23 In. Long © Yes
Psychological Machines: Return to Dust., 15 years in the making, complete 2017 Paris Craft, Newspaper, Car Radiator Hosing, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel Rods, Epoxy Glue, Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint, Oil Stick, Crushed Glass, Glass Beads, Plastic Powder, Acrylic Varnish, Human Teeth Of A Deceased Person, Costume Jeweler, Gold, Silver, L 35 Inches Tall X 13 Inches Wide, 33 Pounds © Yes
Psychological Machines: American Diatribe Pen And Ink, Collage On Paper 40 In. Long X 36 In. Wide © yes
Quick Facts
Birth year
Lives in
Somerset, New Jersey
Works in
Painting, Sculpture, Drawing
figurative, sculpture, mixed-media, pop, surrealism

Artist Statement

Gene Kaniecki

Throughout my life, I found myself appalled by nuclear proliferation, war, pollution, gluttony, hypocrisy, run-amuck religiosity and straightforward human psychopathy. Fully understanding the danger these maladies pose in the face of the intellectual evolution of humanity, I react through the only means I know, that being— the creation of art.  

While it is a widely held belief that artists create art for purely beauty or decoration (as the artist aesthetician), I attempt to use art as means of communicating sociopolitical ideologies, theory's  and beliefs (as the aesthetic theorist).
It has been historically and commonly understood that many artists serve as receiver and antenna; absorbing information, reconstructing and transposing it— and eventually transmitting such information to the multitudes.  This approach also serves as a historical record, frequently oblique, yet telling.  If the artist is to accomplish this goal, she or he must have an understanding of theories and platforms in the sciences and liberal arts, per se making the artist an aesthetic theorist.      

According to R.G. Collingwood’s, ‘The Principles of Art,’ 1938, the artist aesthetician is much different from the artist philosopher.  R.G. Collingwood states that, (sic) “In the last generation, and increasingly in the last twenty years, the gulf between these two classes (artist aesthetician and philosopher-aesthetician) has been bridged by the appearance of a third class of aesthetic theorist.  Poets, painters, and sculptors who have taken the trouble to train themselves in the philosophy or psychology, or both, and write not with the airs and graces of an essayist— or the condescension of a hierophant, but with the modesty and seriousness of a human contributing to a discussion in which other beside himself are speaking, and out of which he hopes that truths not yet known even to himself will emerge.”

I am chiefly an autodidactic artist. Generally— I work in oil paint (traditional painting practices), pen and ink (drawings/illustrations, mixed media collage), and sculpture (usually plaster, concrete, metals and mixed media), along with other sundry artistic practices.

The art produced is influenced and purposely designed around what I consider to be, “a ‘heterogeneous assemblage’ of assorted artistic ideologies, and discordant creative and imaginative processes.” Influences and schools such as surrealism, dada, neo dada, fluxis, pop, and abstract expressionism, neo modernism, and more often receive high partiality in the works.  

In order to augment and complement the above stated, I exploit disparate influences of ethnicity and culture. The art is strongly swayed by Chicano, Asian, and European styles of painting and drawing, with a hint of the avante garde; all while supporting a bent insofar towards depicting social and political anxieties.

Often— the work is diffuse with liminal (and occasionally subliminal) images of animals, the grotesque, sexual metaphors, mechanistic and biological images.  By manipulating the subject matter in this way, and with the purposeful distortion of figurative images into heteromorphic entities— I feel the viewer can more rapidly educe and excogitate the imagery and messages; at least— that is the goal. This artistic ideology work nicely, when one considers my newest group of work, ‘Psychological Machines.’
Manifested within each area of the human psychosomatic (including dystopia) is an underlying psychological or mental rational (these days sometimes referred to as memes); in most cases— these rationales/memes do not follow traditional norms or mores. They become warped, subverted, and infected by numerous forms of stimuli and exogenous forces, many of which remain imperceptible to the recipients; eventually, they become the so-called ‘standards' of daily operation within an individual or total population;’  such as  capital punishment, organized religion and its countless substructures, political movements, financial systems, and so forth.   

As these irrational ideologies escalate via mimetics and pattern modeling—a type of mental ‘psychological machine’ is born.  Often, these so-called “machines” reproduce themselves through cultural indoctrination.   

Psychological machines can take on automaton-like characteristics; frequently spinning out of control. In addition— when the psychological machine manifests itself within an esprit de corps, illogical and often perilous activities, such as violence, war and other misanthropic actions rule the day.  

Candidly, I feel these psychological machines have been associated with nearly every human-made calamity that has beleaguered our planet since the appearance of humankind. While we may be hundreds of years from reconciling the impact of such psychological enigma, I believe that recognizing the disorder is the first step towards a cure.  Like any abnormality, once the light of recognition shines upon the shadow of disorder— the condition fragments and dissipates.  I attempt to cast that light though the process of art making.  

My artwork been the honored by wining numerous awards, and has had several articles written concerning its nature. This work has been exhibited in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  If you would like my exhibition history, or any other information,-- please feel free to contact me.

Gene Kaniecki

Somerset, New Jersey

E Mail-

Phone- 732-236-1280

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