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Stiwdio Maelor Residency

  Today my brain feels full of fog, seriously. I had decided last night to go into Aberystwyth to get some of my photos of lake Tal- Y-Llyn printed. I was aware of a similar place in Machynlleth but thought I might as well go further afield and make a morning of it. Of course I keep forgetting that in Wales further afield could involve me making a day of it as the winding roads do slow you ( down considerably. Factor into that that it rained cataclysmically on the way there and you... [more]
Posted by Maria Pierides on 8/24/15

Latest News

  I am delighted to have been chosen to exhibit with The Free Painters and Sculptors. This group has a unique place in British art. The group was founded in 1952 and was originally associated with the ICA. The 4 paintings chosen are Ithaca, Greek from Ancient Times, Welsh Hill Misty Morning and An Elaborate Dream and I am looking forward to seeing them in the exhibition with the rest of the artists and members of this group. The exhibition will be held at the Menier Gallery, 51 Southwark... [more]
Posted by Maria Pierides on 11/22/14


  My latest paintings are a result of shutting myself away in my studio for just over 2 weeks. I didnt see anyone and only left the house when absolutely necessary. It was painfully maddening and I missed human contact but it needed to be done as being so busy with other commitments was really showing in the quality of my work. The fact that I also had an exhibition date looming propelled me into action.  I may have forgotten how to be around other human beings when I re-emerged into the world... [more]
Posted by Maria Pierides on 4/27/14