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Sea, and hill, and wood, 2016 Mixed Media On Canvas © Maria Pierides
Of Ancient Mountain, Exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, Machynlleth, 2016 Mixed Media On Canvas 80x100cm © Maria Pierides
Of Ancient Mountain ll, 2016 Mixed Media On Canvas 70x100cm © Maria Pierides
St Davids, Land and Sea, 2016 Mixed Media On Canvas
Beneath the cliffs, Boundless seas ll, 2016 Mixed Media On Canvas © Maria Pierides
Beneath the cliffs, Boundless seas, 2016 Mixed Media On Canvas © Maria Pierides
Dowry Shortlisted for the EWAAC art award, 2015 Cement, Sand, Acrylic, Gold Leaf 40x40x4 © Maria Pierides
Dowry 2, 2015 Concrete, Gold Leaf, Acrylic, Oil 37x37 © maria Pierides
Early morning, mist over Corris, 2015 Oil, Acrylic, Slate 20x20cm © maria Pierides
Early morning mist, Lake Tal-Y-Lyn, 2016 Photography, Digital © Maria Pierides
Pond Galaxy, 2015 Photography © maria Pierides
Hirwaun, A storm brewing, 2014 Oil, Acrylic, Slate, Metal And Sawdust © maria Pierides
Full Moon Raging Sea (SOLD), 2014 Mixed Media On Canvas 90 X 70 X 4 Centimeters © maria pierides
The Underwater Dream, shortlisted for the EWAAC Art Award and Bentliff Art Prize, 2014 Mixed Media On Canvas 40x40cm © maria pierides
Full Moon Silent Sea, 2014 Mixed Media On Canvas 40x40 Cm © maria pierides
Welsh Hill Misty Morning, 2011 Mixed Media 70x100cm
Wet Seaweed Shuffle, 2015 Photography © Maria Pierides
Photography, Digital © Maria Pierides
Ithaca lll Longlisted for the ThreadNeedle Prize, 2011 Mixed Media 90x120cm © Maria Pierides
Ithaca ll, 2010 Mixed Media 90x120cm © Maria Pierides
Ithaca Shortlisted for the British Women Artists Competition, 2010 Mixed Media 40x40cm © Maria Pierides
Golden Light Aegean Sea (SOLD), 2010 Mixed Media 50x70cm © Maria Pierides
An Elaborate Dream SOLD in aid of Creative Collective for Refugee Relief, 2014 Oil, Acrylic, Sand, Metal 40x40cm © maria Pierides
Greek from Ancient Times SOLD, 2011 Mixed Media 70x100cm © Maria Pierides
Along the Cliff Edges (SOLD), 2014 Mixed Media On Canvas 30x50cm © maria pierides
Slate Dust, Sawdust, Oil, Acrylic © maria Pierides
The underwater walk (SOLD), 2014 Mixed Media On Canvas 60x60cm © maria Pierides
An Underwater Dream, 2014 Photography, Oil, Acrylic, Slate Dust, Gold Leaf 40x40cm © Maria Pierides
Fog at Sea (SOLD), 2014 Mixedmedia On Canvas 60x60cm © maria Pierides
Full moon Liquid Gold Oil, Acrylic, Slate Dust 40x40cm © maria Pierides
Cyprus limestone, Cyprus gathering 2, 2015
Golden limestone, Cyprus gathering, 2015 Oil, Acrylic, Cyprus Limestone On Canvas 40x40cm © Maria Pierides
Photography © Maria Pierides
Photography © Maria Pierides
Untitled (SOLD), 2012 Mixed Media On Canvas 50x70cm © Maria Pierides
We hear him in our dreams (SOLD), August 2012 Mixed Media On Canvas 60x60cm © Maria Pierides
We hear him in our Dreams ll (SOLD), 2013 Mixed Media 40x4cm © Maria Pierides
In Between Darkness and Light, 2009 Mixed Media 90x120cm © Maria Pierides
The Gloaming , 2009 (SOLD) Acrylic 80x100cm © Maria Pierides
The Sea , 2008 Mixed Media On Canvas 90x120cm © maria Pierides
The Gloaming ll, 2009 (SOLD) Acrylic 70x100cm © Maria Pierides
Long Summers Day, Small Boat, 2014 Mixed Media On Canvas 40x40cm © maria Pierides
Long Summers Day Rolling Hills (SOLD), 2014 Mixed Media On Canvas 40x40cm © maria Pierides
Sailing boats Gentle sway, 2011 Mixed Media 30x50cm © Maria Pierides
Silent Sea , 2011 (SOLD) Mixed Media On Canvas 50x50cm © Maria Pierides
Long Summers Evening, Turquoise sky, 2014 Mixed Media On Canvass 50x40cm © maria Pierides
Silent Sea ll (SOLD), 2012 Mixed Media On Canvas 30x50cm © Maria Pierides
Untitled SOLD, November 2012 Mixed Media On Canvas 60x60cm © Maria Pierides
Mixed Media On Canvas 40x40cm © Maria Pierides
Together, 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 70x100cm © maria Pierides
Driving Rain over cliffs (SOLD), 2012 Oil And Acrylic On Canvas 40x40cm © Maria Pierides
Mixed Media On Canvas 60x60cm © Maria Pierides
Golden Light Aegean Sea, 2010 Mixed Media On Canvas 70 X 50 X 4 Centimeters © Maria Pierides
So Far Away, Fan Gyhirych , 2012 Oil And Acrylic Paint On Canvas 50x70cm © Maria Pierides
Port Isaac Golden Light (SOLD), 2008 Acrylic 70x100cm © maria Pierides
Acrylic 20x30cm © Maria Pierides
Book cover for the award winning book"In the Garden of Absence" © Maria Pierides
Ink And Oil Paint On Paper A4 © Maria Pierides
Ink And Oil Paint On Paper A4 © Maria Pierides
Quick Facts
mixed-media, landscape, photography
artist statement



In my paintings, I render in colour the stories of the physical and emotional landscapes that formed my experience of being born in Greece and then growing up in England and Cyprus.

The actual process of my painting relates to this theme, as I use mixed media, building up and scraping back areas of paint to capture the atmosphere, mass, and light of the landscapes I am trying to represent. In my series ‘The Gloaming,’ I explore ways of bringing these landscapes together and play with the similarities and contrasts: How being caught between two time perspectives – the Eastern Mediterranean is two hours ahead of England – two different kinds of light, two different cultures, results in both a feeling of richness and diversity of experience as well as a search for rootedness in the moment and in space.

Dusk and the changes in light between sunset and darkness, capture this feeling of ‘homelessness’ and search for ‘home.’ On the other hand, in the plays of light, in exploring ways of translating experiences and representing them in paint on the canvas, there is a liberating beauty too. In my ‘Ithaca’ series, inspired by the Greek Poet Konstantinos Kavafis’ poem ‘Ithaca,’ I follow the theme further exploring different possibilities of rootedness/rootlessness and the riches of the search for home.

My later series, ‘Time and Tide’ takes the theme further to a broader exploration of the temporal nature of human experience and its relationship with nature and the recent addition of gold leaf and metal in my work is inspired by some time spent in Venice, visiting the Biennale and Byzantine iconography.

Having recently moved to Wales, with its beautiful and vast landscapes, and living within earshot of a running stream, I continue to render in my work my surrounding environment, along with aspects of personal history, experience and imagination.

Studied at Goldmiths, The Central School of Speech and Drama and University Of Hertsfordshire

Recent Exhibitions and News





Winter Wall, CARDIFF MADE, Cardiff, Wales

Hearth and Home, Llangathen Temperence Hall, Llangathen, Wales

Ekphrasis, Between Image and Word, SOLO show, King Street Gallery, Carmarthen, Wales

Botanics, Llangathen Temperance Hall, Llangathen, Wales

A Free  Moment, Oxo Tower Gallery, London

Open Competition, Oriel Cric, Crickowell, Wales

Work now showing at Goat Street Gallery, St Davids

Work now showing at Gallery 54, Ross on Wye

Wood and Wool, Llangathen Temperance Hall, Llangathen

Work now showing at West Wales Art Centre, Fishguard, Wales

Winter Exhibition, King Street Gallery, Carmarthen, Wales


Nes Draw, Closer to Further Away, King Street Gallery, Carmarthen, Wales

Winter Open, Oriel Q, Narbeth, Wales

Small Objects of Desire, King Stret Gallery, Carmarthen, Wales

‚ÄčWinter Exhibition, King Street Gallery, Carmarthen, Wales

Beneath the Cliffs, Boundless Seas has been longlisted for the Royal West of England Academy Open Exhbition

Stiwdio Maelor, Corris, Wales

Of Ancient Mountain has been selected for exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Machynlleth


Dowry has been shortlisted for the East Meets West Art Award. 

108 Days in May, St Mary's Church, Faversham

FPS members exhibition, Menier Gallery, London

Ithaca lll, Dowry and Golden Light Aegean Sea have been shortlisted for the British Women Artists Competition

FPS Unfixed, Espacio Gallery, London

I was elected a member of the Free Painters and Sculptors http://www.freepaintersandsculptors...

Bentlif Open Art Prize, Maidstone Museum

The Underwater Dream has been shortlisted for the Bentlif Open Art Prize

I have been offered a residency at stiwdiomaelor in North Wales. I will be there next August 2015


FPS open exhibition  The Menier Gallery, Southwark, London 

An Elaborate Dream had been selected for publication in Art has No Borders iArtBook 101 Abstract and Non-Figurative Artworks

EWAAC 2014 La Galleria, Pall Mall, London

The Underwater Dream: Selected Finalist for the East West Art Award Competition. To be included in the exhibition at La Galleria, Pall Mall, London 

The Gloaming Creek Creative, Faversham

Time and Tide The Somerset Maughan Gallery, Whistable 

2013 The Fish Slab Gallery, Whistable


Ithaca lll was longlisted for the Threadneedle Prize

Journey The Somerset Maughan Gallery, Whitstable

Nucleus Arts, Rochester

Parallax AF Art Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, London 


Parallax AF Art Fair, La Galleria, Pall Mall, London

The Deaf Cat, Rochester

2005 The Invited Cinema, Brixton, London

2004 Hotel Zur Post, Ammersee, Bavaria

2002 University of Hertsfordshire end of year exhibition

1999 Central School of Speech and Drama end of year exhibition

Paintings held in Private Collections in the Uk, Ireland and Germany


Painting 'Port Isaac Golden Light' for the cover of the book of short stories 'The Heart and its Reasons', Pierides, S (Fruit Dove Press, 2014)

Painting and cover design for the award winning poetry book In the Garden of Absence, Pierides, S. (Fruit Dove Press, 2012).  

Haiku Society of America Mildred Kanterman Memorial Merit Book Awards 2013 (3rd place, for books published in 2012) (

 'Joy' Bending Light Magazine issue 3 2006

'Yellow' British Journal of Photography 2006