Zarnescu Dany Madlen

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"Inner red" Collage
Dialogue Collage
Dialogue Collage
Symmetry Collage
Asymmetry Mixed Media And Paper Collage 45 X 50 Centimeters
Morning Collage
Lead Collage
Genesis Collage
Dialogue Collage
Cross Paper Collage 40 X 40 Centimeters
Cross Collage 40 X 40 Centimeters
Place of mystery Collage
Dawn light Collage
Winged Collage
Motif Paper Collage 50 X 50 Centimeters
Garden Collage
Garden Collage
Place of mystery Collage
Inner red 3 Collage
Quick Facts
Vama-Suceava ROMANIA
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Fine Arts Institute of Iasi, Romania, 1974

Studies : Graduated from the Fine Arts Institute of Iasi, the class of Professor Nicolae Matyus. Member of the Fine Artists’ Union (UAP) of Romania.


Group exhibitions: 1974 Fine Arts Gallery of Fine Artits’ Union (UAP) Iasi, 1975, 1977, Fine Arts Museum of Slobozia, 1977 Art Gallery of Constanta, 1987 ‘’ Arta’’ Gallery, Bacau, 1988, 1989 ‘’ Alfa’’ Gallery, Bacau, 1990 “Christian Signs” Exhibition at “George Apostu” Centre, Bacau, 1991 Exhibition at “Caminul Artei” Gallery, 1992 “Alfa” Gallery, Bacau, 1994-Art Museum, Cluj, 1995 “Victoria” Gallery at Iasi, 1996 Husit Museum, Tabor-Czech Republic, 1996 “J.L. Calderon” Gallery, Bucharest, 1997,1999, 2001, “One x 6” Exhibition at Internetional Cultural Centre “George Apostu”, Bacau, 1999 “The Sacred in the Art” Exhibition at “Arta” Gallery, Bacau, 1999 “Decomposition” Exhibition at “Alfa” Gallery, Bacau, 2000 “Environment” Exhibition, Bacau, 2000, 2001, 2002 “Art and Sacred” at the German Institute and the “Cupola”  Gallery, Iasi, 2002 “8Art” Exhibition at “Arta” Gallery, Bacau, 2000 Exhibition of Foundation “Avangard Visual Art” Moinesti, 2002, 2003 “Profart” Exhibition at Ateneu Hall, Bacau,  2003 “Neighbouring Beauty” Exhibition at “George Bacovia” University, Bacau, 2003 “13 Paintresses” Exhibition at “Alfa” Gallery, Bacau, 2004 “Artitudes” Exhibition at “Arta” Gallery, 2005 “New” Exhibition at “George Apostu” Cultural Centre, Bacau 2006 “Meridian” Exhibition at “Arta” Gallery, Bacau, 2006 Exhibition of “Workshop” Symposium, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 2006 Exhibition of Tescani Cultural Centre  at “Veroniki Art” Gallery, Bucharest, 2007 “Humane One” Exhibition  at “Velea” Gallery, Bacau, 2007 “Artitudes” Exhibition at Brancovnescu Palace Cultural Centre, Mogosoaia, 2008 “10+1” Exhibition, Focsani, 2008 “3” Exhibition at Gallery of Contemporary Art of “Iulian Antonescu” Museum in Bacau, 2008 “Tradition and postmodernism” and “Sacred in the Art” Exhibitions at Focsani, 2009 „Experiment” Exhibition at „Alfa” Gallery in Bacau, „Writing, form, symbol”  Exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery of  „Iulian Antonescu” Museum in Bacau , “Art and sacred” Exhibition in Focsani, 2010 II Salon Internacional CIALEC, Cordoba, Spain

Personal exhibitions : 1976 Slobozia County Museum, 1997  “Ad-Hoc” Gallery, Bacau, 1998 Collage Exhibition at “Filart” Gallery, Bacau, 2002 Collage Exhibition at “Arta” Gallery, Bacau, 2005 Exhibition at “Velea” Gallery, Bacau, 2005 Exhibition at “Artis” Gallery, Bucharest, 2008 “Minimal Art” Exhibition at The New Gallery, Bacau, 2009 Exhibition at Bucovina Museum in Suceava;  Exhibition at “Mihai Eminescu” Society for the Romanian Culture in Chernivtsi, Ukraine;  Exhibition at the Contemporary Art Gallery of “Iulian Antonescu” Museum in Bacau

National and international contest exhibitions [selected]: 1974-1983 participation to all exhibitions organized by “Stefan Luchian”  Club at Art Museum in Slobozia-Ialomita; 1984-1986 A35 Exhibitions at “Arta” Gallery, Bacau, 1993- Wiesbaden-Germany, 1990-2008 participates to all editions of “Saloanele Moldovei” Bacau, Romania-Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, 1995,1996 “Voronetiana” Exhibition at Suceava,  1997-2007 participates to all editions of the “Lascar Vorel” Biennale-Piatra Neamt, 1993, 1999, 2001, 2003 Exhibitions of International Art Camp at Tescani, 1998, 1999 Contest-Exhibition of “Sf. Luca” Foundation, Barlad, 2001 “Romexpo” National Art Salon, Bucharest, 2004 Exhibition of  Bacau branch of Fine Artists’ Union  (UAP) at Bistrita, 2004, 2006  “Ion Andreescu” Art Biennale- Buzau, 2006 National Art Salon at “Constantin Brancusi”   Exhibition Hall, Bucharest 2007 “Artists from Bucovina” exhibition at “Arta” Gallery, Bacau, 2008 “Artists from Bacau in the Collections of  Bacau Art Museum” Exhibition at  “Arta” Gallery, Bacau 2009 Exhibition of the Sucevita Art Camp at the Bucovina Museum in Suceava and at the Art Museum in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 2010 First Biennale of Microformat Art, Cordoba, Spain

National and international workshops: 1981 Amara –Ialomita, 1984 Berzunti Bacau , 1985 National Art Camp at Moinesti, Bacau, 1987 Darmanesti , 1994 National Art Camp at Nicula, Cluj , 1991, 1993, 1999,  2001, 2003 International Art Camp Tescani , 1996, 1997 National Art Camp Magura, 2000 International Art Camp at Moinesti,  Slanic-Moldova organized by Cultural Foundation “Avangard Vizual Art”, 1998, 2000, 2002 “Nicolae Tonitza” National Art Camp  at Durau, Piatra Neamt .2006 Workshop at Chisinau, Republica of Moldova, 2008  International Workshop “Art Textil”-fifth edition at Sadova-Calarasi, Republica  of Moldova. 2009 Art Camp at  Sucevita, a Romania-Ukraine collaboration.

Prizes: 1994 First Prize at National Exhibition “Univers bacovian “ Bacau,  1997 Graphics Prize at “Lascar Vorel”Biennale at Piatra-Neamt, 1999 The Prize of “Sf. Nicolae” Foundation at Barlad, 2002 The Prize of the Fine Artists’ Union of Romania at the Contest-Exhibition “Saloanele  Moldovei”, 2002 Nomination for the the Fine Artists’ Union of Romania national prizes, 2003 The Prize for Fine Arts granted by the Cultural Foundation of Bucovina, 2003 Nomination for “Lascar Vorel”Biennale, 2005 and 2007 Nomination for the Contest-Exhibition “Saloanele  Moldovei”, 2005 The Prize of the Bacau branch of the Fine Artists’ Union of Romania, 2008 Excelency Diploma for participation at the International Symposium

“Ion Druta-folkloric traditions in the visiual arts and literature” at Sadova, Republic of Moldova, 2009, The Prize of the Chisinau Mayoralty-Republic of Modlova. Honorary Diploma of the ,,Mihai Eminescu"Society for Romanian Culture, in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 2010 Winner of the 2010 Juried Showcase competition on


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Monumental work: 1976 for “Youth”-work at Youth House, Slobozia

Works in museum and collections : nationally : Art Museums in  Bacau, Piatra–Neamt, Cluj, Bucovina Museum in Suceava,  « I.G.Sbiera » Library of Bucovina, in Suceava, Compared Art Museum in  Singeorz-Bai, Cultural Center « Palatele Brancovenesti » in Mogosoaia  Abroad:Art Museum in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, Art Museum in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, European Center for  Promotion of Art and Literature in Lorena, France, CIALEC. International Center for Literature and Art in Cordoba-Spain, CIEL International Center for Lusophone Studies in Cordoba-Spain.

Private collections in :USA, Switzerland, Egypt, France, Italy, Norway

Address: Str. Energiei 34, Sc.  D, Ap.14, Bacau 600238.  Phone: +40.334.101170



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